Your Guide to Safety – Whirlpool AKM 274/IX Gas Hob Recall

Well, there’s no doubt that Whirlpool is a company you can count on, but at the same time, everyone makes mistakes. A small number of their gas hob appliances (Whirlpool built-in gas hobs model AKM 274/IX) have developed faults, and so people are being advised on what they need to do to make sure their equipment is safe. We’re going to be taking a look at what exactly you need to do here and now because, at Repair Aid, we care about your safety.

So, What’s The Issue?

Well, we’ve discovered that the problem is, according to Whirlpool, only affecting models which belong to the AKM 274/IX series. You’ll be able to identify if your model has a problem because this series had been built between September 2014 and March of 2016.

Now onto the actual problem itself – what we’ve got is an issue with the front left gas burner. Because of a manufacturing issue, these burners tend to produce carbon monoxide levels which are above the regulations set out by the EU. Before you panic, it’s important to remember that adverse effects on health have only taken place in a small percentage of cases all across the country. Most people aren’t in any danger, but a good idea that they take the time to get it sorted.

How Do I Identify My Model?

If you’ve got a Whirlpool appliance, then you might want to check and see what the model is. You can do this by checking the instruction manual and user handbook if you’ve still got it! Alternatively, there are a set of characteristics which all models in the range will have. They’re all 60cm wide, have cast iron pan supports, and will also have a stainless steel finish complimenting the control scheme on the right-hand side.

What Should I Do?

So, what do you think you should do if it turns out that you’ve got one of the models which have been marked as being broken? Well, first of all, you’re going to need to make sure that you stop using the area which is faulty because that’ll reduce your chances of injury.

Do not use the burner in the front left corner. It’s also recommended that you contact Whirlpool’s customer care team on 0800 316 3885.

Whirlpool front left gas burner

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