Debunking the Top Dishwashing Myths

The dishwasher is undeniably a powerful concept for making life a thousand times easier after a big meal. Who doesn’t love being able to put all of their dishes into the dishwasher and walking away? It’s a beautiful concept.

However, the dishwasher and it’s more primitive counterpart come with a fair number of myths that need debunking, and we’re up to the task. Oh, and just as an FYI, Repair Aid also offers around-the-clock service to sort out any pesky problems you might be having with your dishwasher.

Myth 1: Dishes Need Washing Beforehand

Myth: hand washing the dishes beforehand

You might think that you need to wash your dishes a little before you put them into the machine, but you actually don’t. The dishwasher detergent actually works best when it has food to latch onto and clean with. By washing the dishes, you’re making things less clean in the end.

Myth 2: You Can Clean Sponges

Myth: You can clean sponges

If you actually believe that you can properly sanitise sponges when you are done with them in order to prolong their lifespan, you are sadly mistaken. A sponge has a finite lifespan, and it’s better to just accept that. Eventually, it will become too grubby and one down for you to use properly. Thankfully, they aren’t particularly expensive to replace.

Myth 3: More Soap = Good

Issue: too much detergent

More is definitely not always better, as is the case with soap. You might think that the more detergent or soap that you use when it comes to washing dishes, the better the result will be. This is simply not true. It doesn’t actually have a particular bearing on how much more effective dishwashing is, so you’ll be better just using a smaller amount and not going through the bottle as quickly.

Myth 4: No Dishwasher Maintenance Required

Maintain your dishwasher

A lot of people think that they don’t have to clean the dishwasher every so often, these are the same people that wind up with massive repair bills. A dishwasher requires reasonably constant maintenance in order to stay effective, which occasionally means cleaning it.

Myth 5: Dishwashers Consume Lots of Water

Myth: Dishwashers consume lots of water

A lot of people refuse to get a dishwasher and then point to the large amount of water they believe it consumes as a reason why. This is actually false. Your dishwasher probably uses less water for a dishwashing session compared to washing by hand, especially if we’re talking about the same number of dishes in both scenarios. It’s quite an effective way of cleaning.

Final Thoughts

So, these represent some of the biggest myths and misconceptions that people have about dishwashers hand washing dishes by hand. Contrary to popular belief, like any kind of basic function around the house, you do have to maintain the dishwasher, and you can’t just keep using the same dirty old sponge for years. Taking the time to look after the type of resources that you have for cleaning means that you’re more likely to have a pleasant, easy cleaning experience, and you might avoid food poisoning while you’re at it.

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