My Dishwasher Isn’t Levelled – What Can I Do

A dishwasher costs money and therefore care must be taken during handling and installation of this handy piece of machine.  By recommendation, this appliance is designed to function when it sits perfectly level on the floor of your kitchen.

If the dishwasher is slightly unbalanced or drastically off-centre, it may continue to work, but you will likely meet one or more intricacies relating to its performance.  These problems, whether major or minor will eventually lead to damages on your appliance and hence require some dishwasher repair to be done.  So, the subsequent are some of the common issues that you may face when working with a dishwasher that is not level.

Poor Fitting

If a dishwasher is bent on one side, however slightly, it may not fit in its designated position in the kitchen.  One of the sides may scratch against the wall or the kitchen counter and may damage your appliance.

A poorly fitted dishwasher is an eyesore no matter how clean or well arranged the rest of your kitchen is. The other downside to this is that it may become a tripping hazard to the kitchen users and lead to minor or severe accidents.

Weakened Gaskets

Cases of water pooling in one area of the appliance are common when a dishwasher is not level.  If the machine is leaning towards the front, for example, water tends to pool in one of the front corners against the door.  The reaction between the water and the appliance surfaces can weaken the surface and door gasket over time.  A weak gasket will require replacing which is expensive.  The continuous pressure against the gasket from the water can also result in water leakage onto the floor.

Poor Water Drainage

When a dishwasher is well positioned and level, it will drain automatically and entirely between cycles. When it is not level, some of the water will not be able to run into the drain.  Indeed, this will result in excess water remaining stagnant in the appliance. This stagnant water combined with remains of food particles may start to stink after some time.  The odour can escape into your kitchen especially when you open the dishwasher door. If the water pool is high enough, it can also leak into your kitchen every time you open appliance door causing a stinking slipping hazard. Some home remedies can be used to eliminate odour, but it is costly and time-consuming.

Repair Aid dishwasher expert

Give the appliance a little shake from side to side to see if it rocks slightly. Rocking is a sign that it is not level. Water leakage is also another sure sign that your dishwasher is not level.  Make use of a professional dishwasher repair expert to help you in case you realise one of this signs.

A professional repair-man should advise you on the necessary action to be taken.  Levelling a dishwasher may involve adjusting the feet by lengthening or shortening them through turning. A simple solution may involve placing a level across the top of the dishwasher to determine the success of the levelling process.

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