Help My Dishwasher Is Leaking

The sight of a leaking dishwasher is probably going to fill most people with a sense of dread and that’s perfectly understandable. The sight of any appliance leaking will probably emit similar feelings, but a dishwasher can seem particularly problematic.

Because they are more luxury appliances and in general much less common than things like a washing machine of fridge information about dishwashers isn’t widespread. If you spot your washing machine leaking you might have a rough idea what the problem might be or at least know what to look for.

But with a dishwasher well let’s just say the odds aren’t in your favour, are they? But below we’ve outlined some of the common issues and warning signs to look out for. Remember though in the majority of cases your best option is to call in a Repair Aid dishwasher engineer.

leaking dishwasher

The Pump

Well, you can probably guess that if there’s a leak the problem will likely be with the pump, on dishwashers the pump is at the bottom of the machine and features two compartments. One part of the pump will hold the impeller and filter while the other is composed of the drain. Some models of dishwashing machine will also feature a chopper blade as well.

Defective or damaged pumping is an all too common problem and it’s usually caused by age or detergents that have dried out the pump’s seals. This is usually relatively easy to fix with the assistance of a professional dishwasher repair engineer as long as your appliance isn’t too old. If you suspect your pump may be causing a leak check the access panel every so often to see if water is pooling or not.

The Door

It might seem like the door of your dishwasher is as safe as the door of a bank vault but while it’s strong it’s not immune to leaking. Leaks around the front of a dishwasher are often caused by the dishwasher’s door gasket. The door gasket is the rubber sealing that goes around the door, this can also be made of vinyl in some models.

The problem occurs when the gasket starts to brittle this is usually due to age but if the gasket is damaged in some way then it will also usually cause a leak. Thankfully a professional Repair Aid dishwasher technician will be able to replace the door gasket for you and stop any leaks. Other areas to watch out for include the door latch and the alignment of the door, it’s uncommon but sometimes the door can be knocked out of alignment.

The Float and Float Switch

You might not have heard of them, but this switch is an essential component of any dishwasher. The float switch is found at the bottom of your dishwashing machine beneath the tub and controls the water inlet valve.

The float rises as the dishwasher fills with water and works in tandem with the float switch if either the float or the float switch malfunction then it will often cause an overflow and leak. So, if your dishwasher has a very high-water level then you know what’s to blame, with this kind of problem it’s best to call in a professional dishwasher repair technician to fix it.

The Hose

The drainage hose is a common suspect for leaks, most often it will be because the clamps on the hose have become loose or damaged. Thankfully the clamps are usually easy to replace but you will likely need to get a professional to do it for you, the clamps can be found by removing the kickplate under the bottom of your dishwasher.

The Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve has already been mentioned and for good reason problems with this component are a common cause of leaks. Found in lower area of the kick plate the hosing connecting to the valve can often become damaged or disconnected. If you’re lucky repairing this should be reasonably simple when you call in a professional dishwasher repair engineer.

The Spray Arms

Since this is where the water comes out the spray arms are a usual suspect for leaks. Depending on your model of dishwasher you could have a single spray arm or multiple ones but inspecting them for problems is relatively simple no matter how many you have.

Spray arms can be made of metal or plastic and while the plastic ones are more susceptible to damage metal ones aren’t invincible. Plastic arms can be cracked or even warped due to the heat while metal ones can become separated at the seams.

If they are seriously damaged, then they must be replaced but you should also check for blocked holes. Blocked holes will misdirect the spray which will usually cause leaking at the bottom of your dishwasher, in many models of dishwasher you can take out the spray arms to clean them out and remove blocks.

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