New Innovations in Dishwasher Technology

While we were once happy when our dishwashers simply worked and kept our dishes clean, today’s dishwashers are full of impactful features and interesting innovations that make our lives a little easier. They’re more efficient, can run near silently and some wouldn’t look out of place in a museum of contemporary art. However, that also means there’s a lot of choice. While that can be a good thing, this ‘paradox of choice’ can often make it difficult to decide between all the various options.

Not to worry – the team at Repair Aid is here to help with some recommendations on what features you should look out for in a modern dishwasher.

Energy efficiency

While dishwashers used to be major energy hogs, manufacturers have worked hard to reduce the environmental impact of their newer models – with a lot of innovations centred on this approach. As a result, the vast majority of manufacturers sell models that meet the Energy Star guidelines – with some even exceeding these requirements. There is a number of reasons as to why that can motivate someone to buy an energy efficient dishwasher. It not only helps reduce the environmental impact of running a dishwasher, but it can also lead to long-term reductions on energy bills.

Often such models come with a number of settings to further these savings – including air-dry cycles (that don’t use hot water) and half-load functions (making smaller loads more economical).

Electrolux Air-Dry

Different cycles

As aforementioned, many dishwashers feature numerous cycles – often over 10 – to offer better precision and energy efficiency. Such cycles tend to be specifically catered to particular dishes and items – such as delicates or pots. Innovations have led to a plethora of different technologies related to automated cycles. Often this is achieved through sensors which can check how soiled dishes are and adjust both the required time and water to achieve cleanliness. Additionally, pre-rinses are quickly becoming a thing of the past due to heaters and more precise spraying arms.

There are also innovations surrounding the speed of cycles too. Take, for example, the IQ-Touch from Electrolux – a dishwasher that the manufacturer has labelled its “closest to perfection ever”. It offers a cycles that cleans and dries dishes in just 30 minutes.

Better design

Not all innovations need to be practical – many manufacturers also spend a lot of time and money on making their dishwashers look more aesthetically pleasing. Recent trends have included an increasing amount of dishwashers featuring front panels that have been customised to suit the surrounding cabinets of a kitchen, but also smaller drawer dishwashers – perfect for homes with less dishes than the average family. You’ll even find dishwashers in more vibrant colours such as red, blue and even pink.

Miele Knock2open

But you’ll also find design and functionality intersecting too. Take, for example, German manufacturer Miele’s Knock2Open dishwasher that – as the name suggests – you knock to open the front panel. There’s not even a handle!

More spacious

Space and capacity is another area where innovation is very important. With many now preferring their dishwashers to be smaller – more efficient for those living an apartment lifestyle – there’s a need to make more out of limited space. That’s why you’ll find many modern dishwashers with fold-down/removable tines, racks that can be adjusted/removed and cutlery racks and baskets to help prevent ‘nesting’ (when utensils are bunched together and don’t get properly cleaned).

Smart capabilities

Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live dishwasher

As with many modern household appliances, many modern dishwashers feature some level of ‘smart’ integration – allowing them to be controlled from a smartphone app. A number of machines even go further than this by being able to diagnose problems and even schedule updates and repairs via WiFi. A clever innovation found within Whirlpool’s6th Sense Live’ tech is that it can determine, using WiFi, when it’s cheapest to run a cycle (based on your electricity consumption costs). Similarly, it could be good to look at dishwashers with features that allow a cycle to be delayed – with some being able to be programmed to run up to 24 hours later.

Other features to look for

Dishwashers with extra insulation, quiet motors and tubs that are cushioned can be preferable too – reducing noise and water usage. If you’re worried about a dishwasher flooding your kitchens, some machines come with anti-leak and anti-overflow tech to cut off water supply if it detects a malfunction. If you can’t stand a bad smelling dishwasher, consider a stainless-steel interior instead of a plastic interior. It’s not as susceptible as plastic when it comes to holding odours. As an added bonus, it won’t discolour in the way plastic discolours.

These are just some of the innovations to look out for in a modern dishwasher. While it’s rare to buy a dishwasher that contains all of these innovations, as those that do are incredibly expensive, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of what innovations to look for in your ideal dishwasher.

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