What Clothes Should I Never Put In My Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer can be a big help when it comes to ensuring your clothes and other materials are always kept tidy and dry. But while tumble dryers are very useful using them requires a bit more attention and precision than just loading clothes into it.

There’s also some clothes and materials that shouldn’t be put into a tumble dryer in the first place, some of these are easily identifiable but sometimes you’ll need to check out the labels to be sure. But that’s not something many people will remember to do.

There’s also some clothes that shouldn’t be put into a tumble dryer in the first place, if they are they could potentially damage your dryer and will almost certainly ruin the clothing. Some of these you might already know but many of them will likely be a surprise, let’s take a closer look and find out which clothes you should never put in your tumble dryer. Please note, when your dryer breaks down or does not perform quite as it should, professional tumble dryer repairs are essential.

Rubber Clothing

Rubber Clothing

Ok as you might already know not many clothes are made of rubber, are they? Well at least not completely but many common items do have rubber included. Trainers in particular usually feature rubber and as such, you should avoid putting them in a tumble dryer. The heat given off by the tumble dryer can cause rubber to shrink and will weaken any adhesives.

But it’s not just rubber clothing you have to consider after all you don’t simply use your tumble dryer to dry clothes, do you? Rugs, curtains and much more can all be washed in a tumble dryer and it’s rugs we are talking about this time. Rugs often have rubber backing and because of this, you should avoid putting them in a tumble dryer.

Lycra Clothing

Lycra Clothing

Clothing that’s made of lycra like swimsuits and fitness/ sports clothing shouldn’t be placed in a tumble dryer. The heat during a drying cycle can break down lycra clothing in just a few cycles so it should really be avoided. If only a small amount of lycra is on the clothes then you should be fine to put your clothes through the dryer but be mindful about it.

Bras and Tights

Bras are the dryers number one worst enemy few clothes have the bad reputation of bras, there are a few problems that come with bras first the wire in them is well known for getting stuck in a dryer’s drum.


However even when we ignore the notoriously tricky wiring problem bras have another issue, they’re very delicate. They’re really too delicate to be put in a dryer because the heat can easily cause them to lose their shape and elasticity. So, you should really avoid using your tumble dryer to dry your bra unless it’s a real emergency.

But bras aren’t the only garments you should avoid tumble drying you should also avoid drying tights for very much the same reasons. Tights just like bras are very delicate and they can also easily get tangled during a drying cycle. The heat can also cause shrinking so you should really avoid drying your tights in a tumble dryer.

Clothes With Embellishments

Plenty of clothes are loaded with embellishments these days whether it be a simple thing like a small group of patterned sequins to more ornate fixtures like stones or fake gems. Embellishments come in a variety of different forms and can add some extra flair to clothing, but while they’re a popular way to add some extra flourish to a shirt or pair of jeans it does cause some problems when it comes to tumble drying.

Clothes With Embellishments

The problems embellishments cause come in two different forms first of all they can get caught in other clothing which can cause clothes to get damaged or they can come loose due to the heat and end up blocking the filter or damaging the dryers drum. So, to avoid any issues you should ensure any clothes with a lot of embellishments avoid the tumble dryer.


Suede isn’t just something that should avoid the washing machine it should also never before put into a tumble dryer. The heat of a drying cycle can cause colours to run and can even affect the very texture of the fabric. So, if you have any garments made out of suede they should stay clear of the tumble dryer.

So, that’s a general list of all the common household materials and types of clothing that should stay well away from your tumble dryer. Remember if you’re never 100% sure about something you should always check the label even clothes that look tumble dryer safe should always be checked so you can be certain.

If you need help

In case you have accidentally damaged your tumble dryer and need urgent help, please contact our tumble dryer repair engineers and arrange an emergency repair visit.

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