Condenser VS Vented Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers exist in that odd middle ground they aren’t essential home appliances to many people the same way a fridge or cooker would be. However, to some people they are one of the only ways to guarantee your clothes will dry quickly.

If you live in an area that is very cold or doesn’t see much sunshine then a tumble dryer is pretty much an essential home appliance. But even if you live in a very sunny place a tumble dryer is still faster and some would argue the more efficient way to dry your clothes.

So, while they might not be a common fixture in everyone’s home they are becoming more and more commonplace. But not every tumble dryer is the same, there are multiple differences to consider like the size and operational features.

But when we strip away the fancy features tumble dryers come in two main forms. As I’ am sure the title as told you these two forms or models are condenser and vented tumble dryers. But what’s the difference and which is the better match for your home?

Condenser and Vented Dryers – What’s The Difference?

The main difference between the two main types of tumble dryer is that condenser dryers feature a condensing chamber that they move hot air into. This air is then turned back into water and collected in a tank, which must be manually emptied in the majority of circumstances.

Some condenser dryers can be fitted to your homes drainage system so the water goes straight down the drain, but these are less common despite the benefits.

Vented dryers on the other hand work by blowing the hot air directly out of the dryer.

This is done through a larger circular hole connected to a pipe, which can be attached to a ventilation system or placed near an open window. There’s some other smaller differences which we will look at in a moment but the main difference between the two is all about how they move the hot air around.

Condenser Dryers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Condenser dryers are the more modern option, however, does this mean they are the better choice? Let’s look at the benefits first shall we?

First of all, because of how they move hot air there is much less condensation to worry about and they are the better option for people who simply can’t vent air outdoors.

Condenser dryers also come with more features like special drying modes and they are the model most manufacturers are focusing on developing right now. Some condenser tumble dryers also come with additional heat pumps that help recycle lost heat for a more energy efficient performance.

So, there is certainly some great advantages but what are the possible downsides, well for one thing condenser dryers are much more complicated machines which means more can wrong. Maintenance work is also almost guaranteed to be more costly because of this and on the whole condenser dryers are less energy efficient than vented models.

And while condenser dryers with the added heat pump are more energy efficient than vented dryers they will take longer to dry clothes so there is some trade-off. Condenser dryers are also on average the more expensive between the two options as well.

Vented Dryers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Vented dryers are the more old-fashioned option but they still have their advantages. They are simpler machines which means less can go wrong and maintenance work is usually much quicker and easier. Identifying the problem and fixing it will usually be a smooth, simple process.

Vented dryers are also much cheaper and more economical to run, on average they use around a fifth less energy than a condenser dryer. The disadvantages to consider are that in general vented dryers are weaker, things like the vent hose and fixtures are very delicate and prone to damage.

So, while easy maintenance is a benefit there is a likely to be more maintenance needed. There is also the risk of condensation damage to consider as a vented dryer will need proper outdoor circulation which might be very difficult depending on your circumstances. And while their simplicity does have its benefits it also means you are missing out on some useful features as well.

The Verdict – Which Tumble Dryer Type Is Best?

So, now that we’ve looked at both vented and condenser tumble dryers can we answer the question? Well while both are very viable options if you have the funds available and your home is suitable I would give condenser tumble dryers the edge.

They both have their benefits and vented dryers are still perfectly usable but the advancements and extra-features available on condenser tumble dryers make them my top choice.

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