Energy-Saving Tumble Drying Tips

Tumble dryers aren’t very energy efficient devices, there’s some leeway to that generalisation of course but in general, people don’t start searching for a tumble dryer in the hopes it will be incredibly energy efficient. The power they take to use is the trade-off when it comes to the convenience they offer.

With that being said it doesn’t mean there’s isn’t such a thing as an energy efficient tumble dryer it just means they are hard to find and will likely come with an added upfront cost. When searching for a tumble dryer the energy rating will vary from A triple plus for the very energy efficient machines to a G which is at the opposite end of the scale.

While tumble dryers are available in all these ratings the most common one that you’ll see when it comes to tumble dryers is the middle ground rating of a C. But even if you get the highest energy efficient tumble dryer available you’re still going to be guaranteed more energy efficient drying by using your washing line.

But to fair, I think everyone who as a tumble dryer already knows that there’s always going to be some trade-off when using a tumble dryer because of the extra convenience and speed it offers. And after all, not every home will even have a washing line. So, even with the cost, a tumble dryer is still a very wise investment.

And with a few simple tips and tricks you can actually make your tumble dryer more energy efficient, but how do you do it? Well, there are quite a few ways you can go about it and while paying attention to the energy efficiency rating before you buy a tumble dryer, can be a big help our energy efficiency tips can help with all kinds of our tumble dryers.

How To Save Money With Your Tumble Dryer

Save Money With Your Tumble Dryer

So how do you save money with your tumble dryer? Some of the tips we’ve laid out below may only work with certain kinds of tumble dryers but many of them can be used regardless of your make or model. So, without further ado let’s count down our energy saving tumble dryer tips.

Balance The Loads

One of the best ways to ensure your tumble dryer is running at optimal efficiency is to ensure you fit the maximum load into your dryer. This can be a little trickier than you might think, overloading your tumble dryer is easy to do. Overloading the appliance can cause a number of issues and may also result in cases that need emergency tumble dryer repair.

So, check the manual and find out how much your tumbler dryer can safely hold, but remember your tumble dryer doesn’t take volume into account it all goes on the weight of the garments. So, you’ll be able to fit more lightweight items in with every load.

Your Washing Machine Can Help

Your washing machine can actually be partnered up to help your dryer run more efficiently, the high-spin setting, in particular, will help make your clothing as dry as possible before it goes into the dryer. This will ensure your clothes dry quicker so you’re tumble dryer won’t need to be on as long.

The Filter and Dryer Placement

Your tumble dryers filter is something you’re going to become very familiar with, the lint filter needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure hot air circulates more freely. So, make sure you check it every so often, you should also ensure your dryer as prime placement in your home. Your dryer should be placed in a well-ventilated room to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

Take Advantage of Sunny Weather

Take Advantage of Sunny Weather

Tumble dryers are very useful appliances but that doesn’t mean you should always use them. If you have access to a washing line and have sunny enough weather then don’t be afraid to turn your tumble dryer off. You can always use both a tumble dryer and more traditional drying methods, can’t you?

Untangle Everything

This one seems obverse doesn’t it but it’s very easy to forget it especially when you’re loading your tumble dryer in the morning. Make sure you untangle any clothes to ensure they dry quicker and take care of bigger things like duvet covers and bed sheets. You should fasten bigger things like this together to stop smaller clothes getting stuck in them.

Try Not To Mix Small And Large Items

Now this one might not always be possible and don’t worry if you don’t do it all the time but if you can you should try not to mix small and large items together. This will help you avoid getting any small clothes like socks lost during a drying cycle and will also help ensure a smoother, quicker cycle.

When there is a problem with your tumble dryer

If you are having problems with your tumble dryer, please speak with our skilled and experienced engineers and arrange an emergency tumble dryer repair.

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