All You Need To Know About Hotpoint’s New Active Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint is renowned all around the world for the quality of its household appliances – and the brand is looking to continue that trend into the future with their new range of Active tumble dryers. The key feature in these new models is the ActiveCare technology, which manages to produce excellent drying results without damaging clothes. At Repair Aid, we like to keep up-to-date on all of the latest tumble dryer technology – due to the tumble dryer repair and installation services we provide – and here’s everything that we think you need to know about Hotpoint’s latest venture into the tumble dryer market.

ActiveCare technology explained

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As aforementioned, the headlining feature of the Active tumble dryers is the new ActiveCare technology. It’s thought to reduce fabric wear by approximately 40%, with the jeans program feature offering the best results. A large part of the tech’s success is due to the temperature controls providing a gentle heat that is consistent throughout and isn’t as harsh on the fibres as other tumble dryers.

However, the temperature control is also supported in this endeavour by the unique Anti-Stress drum. When fabrics are dried in conventional tumble dryers, they tend to lose the coating of moisture that protects them from friction. This lack of moisture is what causes a lot of the damage as fabrics get tossed around – becoming chaffed and frayed. The Anti-Stress drum, however, automatically adjusts the movement of the drum to reduce the impact of this damage to fabric. While not completely preventative, it does ensure that clothes will remain in peak condition for longer.

Packed full of features

The innovation doesn’t just stop with the ActiveCare technology and the Anti-Stress drum – there are a good variety of other features to bolster the impressive performance of this range of tumble dryers. The AutoCleaning system is a real time-saver that sees the tumble dryer automatically clean the bottom filter using water collected from the drying cycle to wash away any build-ups of lint. That means less cleaning for us humans – with only the filter on the door needing a clean.

The Speed+ option is also another great time-saving feature of the Hotpoint Active tumble dryer range. It allows you to speed up a drying cycle at any point – saving up to 25% on time without compromising on results. This feature will be particularly helpful to families with school children who face the daily challenge of washing and drying school clothes in time for the next day, or those who need to wash and dry uniforms for their job.

But that’s not the only time-saver that could benefit those looking to get their clothes dried fast. The Active range comes with a Pre-Iron cycle that makes clothes easier to iron. While taking 20 minutes, the warm air blast gets rid of wrinkles in the clothing and eases the fibres – which makes ironing way less of a slog.

The range also features two special cycles: a Wool cycle and an Anti-Allergy cycle. The Wool cycle makes it possible to dry wool clothing that is ‘hand wash only’ due to the delicacy of the cycle. The dryer will reduces the felting or chaffing that generally happens with fibres that have been heat dried, making it particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin that tends not to agree with wool. As a result, the Hotpoint Active range has received a ‘Woolmark Blue’ certification from the Woolmark Company. The Anti-Allergy cycle, meanwhile, uses higher temperatures to effectively remove any allergens (including 99% of house dust mites) and it has also been endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

Lastly, those with an interest in saving on their energy bills and the environmental impact of their appliances will be very glad to hear that the Active tumble dryer range has an A+++ energy efficiency rating. It’s bolstered by hybrid technology which powers an extra heater to help achieve the quicker drying process without being an energy hog.

Accessible, contemporary design

For those with an interest of the aesthetic quality of home appliances, the tumble dryers in Hotpoint’s Active range are quite pleasing to the eye, featuring a contemporary design, an accessible LCD touch display and charming chrome knobs for control. The doors, which are easy to load thanks to their width, are constructed of a rather sleek dark glass. As such, these tumble dryers definitely look at home alongside many modern styles and palettes.

The ease-of-use approach continues with an intuitive interface on the touch display and a dedicated button to allow easy selection of the ActiveCare cycle options. And for those who like appliances that are smart, the Hotpoint Home Net app allows users to control and monitor Active range tumble dryers from their smartphone or tablet – while also offering a bunch of tips and user guides.

The Hotpoint Active range seems to be another excellent addition to the tumble dryer market from the brand, with features that will speak to those who are short on time or want simplicity from their tumble dryer.

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