Looking after your tumble dryer

Lengthening the lifespan of your tumble dryer

Looking after your tumble dryer by applying a few simple rules will mean that it will give you many years of service. Naturally this will have a direct impact on replace and maintenance costs and in some cases, you may use your dryer for the time it takes to raise one generation. Two golden rules apply. Firstly, maintain the machine. A few minutes here and there will add years to the service you will enjoy from this appliance. Secondly repair when it’s necessary and don’t dely. A minor fault can be quick and easy to repair and will prevent secondary wear and tear.

Start with location and venting

Any dryer should be placed in a warm dry location. Whether it’s a condenser dryer or vented or even a specialist model. A vented dryer should be considered with additional care. The vent should be kept clear of obstructions and blockages. Ideally the vent pipe should be connected to an exhaust vent that leads outside.  The pipe should lead in as straight a path as possible, and where it requires an angle no more than two elbows along its path.

The shorter the pipe the better. It is also better to use a smooth metal pipe rather than the plastic accordion style pipes that come with most machines as default. The elbows should be accessible to clean because lint can cause a build up in the elbows. Any twists and curls in a pipe behind the dryer are liable to blockages and trap dust, lint and reduce expulsion of condensation.

Blockages make the machine work harder reducing its energy efficiency and making it costlier to run.

Clear the venting duct at least once a year

Venting duct build up

The venting duct will develop a build up of lint and dust anyway but clearing out annually will ensure that even with the greatest of precautions your machine is working at optimum level. Even when the pipe is short and straight it is best to make an annual inspection and ensure that the pipe is clean and clear.

Remember safety first and always unplug the machine before removing the duct. Once you have inspected the duct and ensured that it is clean and clear, use fresh duct tape to ensure that it is properly sealed in place for another year.

From the outdoors, clear the damper using a coat hook and make sure the hinges are clean and clear too.

Don’t vent indoors

It may seem that venting your dryer indoors is a good idea. It is not. Moist air that comes from your dryer will contain miniscule particles of lint, your family will breathe this in and it could seriously compromise the health of those with asthma and any infections during the winter. The moisture will also assist in the growth of mould and is an ideal environment for unhealthy spore growth.

Internal condensation will also damage your furniture and your windows and reduce their longevity. This aside from the health risks it can create.

Empty the lint

Tumble dryer fluff filter

The lint filters are there for a reason and they should be emptied as a matter of routine. By forming a habit of clearing the lint every time you empty the appliance you will prevent migration of the lint to internal parts of the machine. This will prevent the degradation of mechanical parts and the need for additional repair and maintenance. Removing the lint also prevents fire risk and as the lint builds up especially in a dry environment fire risk increases.

Door leaks make a difference

By placing a piece of paper across the door entrance while the dryer is working you will be able to see whether there are any issues with the seal. If the paper is drawn inward, the seal is compromised and replacing it at minor cost will prevent later more expensive repairs.

If there is condensation on the door this is also a sign of faulty seal and the seal should be replaced as soon as possible. Seals are easily obtained or ordered from your local appliance parts supplier. In most cases it is simply a job that requires the old seal to be pried off. Any old adhesive can be cleaned off and the seal replaced.

Call Repair Aid when it is necessary

If something goes wrong and you cannot deal with or identify the problem, call our tumble dryer repair technicians. The small cost of a minor repair will mean that your machine will continue to provide loyal service to you for some extra years. The cost of replacing a machine could mean an extra holiday or money for a special occasion. Going the cheap route often turns out to be expensive. So, if in doubt call a Repair Aid expert. His time and expertise will be an investment.

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