Is It Time For A New Tumble Dryer?

It is likely that your dryer is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home, especially during winter months. Sometimes, issues with your dryer will start to arise, but how do you know whether to buy a new tumble dryer or to call in the professionals to repair it?

The best way to tell is by working out whether the machine is nearing the end of its lifespan. Check for the following common problems and then determine whether it is more cost-effective to repair your dryer or to buy a new one.

How To Determine If You Need A New Dryer

1. Check its performance

One-off issues can happen, but it is best to check how the dryer is performing under normal circumstances to determine whether it is time for a new one. Start checking your dryer with each load that you dry. For example, if clothes are beginning to take a lot longer than they usually do to dry, then it may be due to the heating element. However, it could also be due to the materials you are drying. Make sure to check if problems are recurring before splashing the cash on a brand-new dryer.

Some serious issues to watch out for when checking the dryer’s performance include:

  • Mid-cycle shut-off
  • Failure to start
  • Inconsistent drum rotation
  • Overheating or failing to heat at all.

2. Use all of your senses

You can often discover a problem with the dryer by finding a strange smell or hearing a strange sound. If your tumble dryer is louder than usual (and you are not drying anything clunky such as shoes or heavy towels), then it may indicate that the components are wearing out and the device is reaching the end of its life.

Your tumble dryer should not emit any smells apart from warm, freshly laundered washing when you open the door. If you can smell burning then stop the cycle immediately. It is best to call out the experts such as Repair Aid before overheating becomes a critical safety hazard and before you use the dryer again.

3. Check for simple issues

Faults in your tumble dryer are often caused by simple problems that people forget to check for. Before calling out the repair team, thoroughly inspect the device, check that the plug socket is switched on, make sure the plug is safe and there isn’t a wiring problem. You should also check the lint filter as a clogged trap may prevent the dryer from starting.

Carefully inspect the whole device, using a torch to check if there is anything you may have missed. If you cannot find a simple explanation for the problem, then call Repair Aid who will be able to offer free advice before determining if they need to visit your home to make a repair.

4. How old is your tumble dryer?

A tumble dryer should last for around ten years. Updating your tumble dryer every ten years means you can benefit from new technology and more efficient heating methods which may reduce energy use and save you money on your bills. At ten years or older, a new tumble dryer is often a better investment as well as preventing you from paying for costly repairs.

5. Check the warranty

Before hitting the shops to buy a new dryer, check to see if your machine is still under warranty. If it is, the manufacturer may send out a new dryer or pay for the repairs.

6. Ask for a quote

It is always well worth asking for a quote for repairs, especially if you cannot afford a new dryer as repairs are often cheaper than a new machine. After a quote, consider the 50% rule. If your dryer will cost more than 50% of its original cost to repair and is over 50% of the way through its lifespan, then getting a new dryer is often more cost-effective.

7. Shop around

If it is time for a new dryer, then make sure to shop around to get the best deal. Do your research carefully, so you know which manufacturers are the most reliable and energy efficient. Check our buying guide and do not always assume that the cheapest dryer will be the best deal; it may be more expensive to run, more inefficient at drying clothes which will increase the energy usage and therefore your energy bills.

Make sure the dryer also works to make your life easier. For example, consider the size of the tumble dryer you need, the load capacity and customisable settings that suit your requirements.

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