How We Install Washing Machines For Our Clients

Washing machines are complicated appliances which is why when it comes to installing one most people will opt to get a professional to do it for them. You can, of course, install the washing machine on your own without assistance but if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing it could easily go wrong.

This will often result in you having to pay out more money to fix any mistakes you make. So, opting to let a professional install your washing machine is often going to be the best choice. At Repair Aid, we offer our own installation service that can help anyone needing a washing machine installed.

Our installation service is available for both freestanding and integrated models as well. But we also take care of all the clean-up work and ensure only the best procedures and practices are followed during the installation.

So, at Repair Aid you can be sure of a high-quality, professional installation no matter what type of washing machine you have and no matter where you want it installing. Below, I’ve outlined our washing machine installation process in more detail so you can see exactly how our service works at every step of the work.

Installation – First Steps

So, what is the first step when installing a washing machine? Well before moving anything or getting any tools ready one of our Repair Aid technicians will carefully inspect the washing machine. They’ll make sure it’s empty, inspect the drum, before finally switching it off at the mains and then unplugging it.

Once that is done we will move your washing machine away from the wall and then turn off the isolating valve at the back of the machine. This valve will turn off the cold water supply and is usually shaped like a small blue tap. Moving the washing machine is the very first step but it is also one of the areas where many people struggle.

At Repair Aid our technicians will use overshoes to help protect the floor and matts that make moving the washing machine much more safe and efficient. For freestanding models, this process is usually much simpler but if you have an integrated washing machine we can help there as well.

We can also do custom fittings for integrated washing machines which means we can modify the unit it’s being installed into. This could mean altering the hinges, repositioning the door and much more. Most technicians won’t offer this service as they will require you to contact a handyman instead.

But at Repair Aid team we can help with both types of washing machines. So, let’s carry on where we left off once the cold water supply is turned off what happens next?

Well, this is where things can get a little messy.

Installation – The Messy Steps

The next step is to unscrew the cold water-in pipe. This pipe is attached to a hose at the top of your washing machine. Once the cold water valve is turned off we will unscrew the cold water-in pipe we will also have a bucket at the bottom to ensure any water remaining in the pipe is quickly caught.

Now that the cold water is turned off we will remove the waste water hose. This second hose goes into the back of your washing machine but connects to the kitchen floor. Removing this is usually pretty simple but if it is stiff we will be able to safely remove it.

Once this is all done your old washing machine will be safe to remove.

Speaking of removals at Repair Aid once the installation is complete we will be happy to remove your old appliance for recycling as well. We will also take care of any packaging materials.

waste water hose

Installation – Your New Washing Machine

The first step of installing your new washing machine is about removing the bolts at the back. At Repair Aid our technicians have all the high-quality tools needed to safely remove these, which once removed will allow the drum to safely rotate. Once this is done our technicians will reverse the steps from earlier.

Which means we will install the cold water-in pipe at the back of the washing machine and ensure the filter is properly installed. Finally, we will also ensure the hose is attached securely to your cold water supply as well. Installing the hoses on a new washing machine can be quite tricky which is why getting a professional to install them is highly recommended.

Trying to force the hoses into the slots can easily damage them so a professionals touch is a safer way to install and set-up your new washing machine. Once the hoses are installed we will turn the insolating valve back on which will allow water to flow again. We will then carefully inspect the washing machine at this point to ensure there are no leaks.

If there are some leaks don’t worry before moving onto the next step we will ensure any pipes/ connections are tightened. Once we are sure everything is secure we will then move onto your waste water hose. This will need to be fed into the waste water pipe which might sound easy but is often going to be quite delicate work.

A plastic U-bend pipe holder is often used to maintain the shape on the hose and help prevent blockages and kinks from occurring. If you want the U-bend attaching to the wall to help keep things less cluttered just let our team know.

Once the pipe is ready we will push your new washing machine back into place.

Installation – Before Using Your Washing Machine

So, while your washing machine might look ready to use right now there are a few finishing touches that must be done first. At Repair Aid we will take care of this for you by ensuring your washing machine is level.

It is very important that your washing machine is level as it will usually be spinning at very high speeds and if unbalanced this will cause increased vibrations, noise and could even damage the washing machine and its housing as well. To ensure it is level we will carefully inspect the washing machine and use a spirit-level to carefully check the balance of the machine.

If the washing machine isn’t level then don’t worry because at Repair Aid our technicians will be happy to correct it. We will do this by adjusting the legs on the washing machine to rebalance it. Adjusting the legs can be tricky but with our technicians and professional equipment, it will be quick and easy.

We can manipulate the bolts on the feet to alter the balance of the washing machine and then will tighten them again once it is ready. Of course, we will carry out some thorough rechecks of this at the end of the process to ensure the washing machine is level.

Once that is done there are only a few closing steps left of our installation process.

washing machine in cupboard

Installation – Finishing Touches

At Repair Aid, we do our best to ensure any installation we do is as smooth as possible. However, moving an old washing machine and installing a new one can be messy work but don’t worry because at the end of the process our technicians will be happy to do a thorough clean up.

We also won’t just install your new washing machine and then say our goodbyes and leave. We understand that many people will likely have questions about their new washing machine and set-up. Yes, you might have a manual to refer to but if you want to ask any questions our technicians will be happy to help.

So, if you want advice on how to safely operate or move the washing machine we can help. Don’t be shy if you have any questions or would simply like to know a bit more about your new set-up just ask our technicians once the work is done.

That finishes up our washing machine installation process. At Repair Aid we don’t just install your appliance we ensure every safety measure is taken care of to make sure any installation is done to the highest efficiency. We will inspect the washing machine carefully to ensure everything is level and take care of the removal of the old machine as well.

Can I Install A Washing Machine On My Own?

While getting your washing machine installed by Repair Aid will come with an additional charge it is going to be the much better option than trying to do it on your own. Yes, you can install a washing machine on your own in the general sense but if you are not very experienced in machine installation you will almost certainly struggle.

Even if you have installed a washing machine in the past if you don’t do it on a regular basis you will probably still struggle. Opting for a professional team like Repair Aid to install your washing machine will help ensure it is carried out safely.

This will mean they’ll be no risk of damage to your kitchen or new machine and give you the extra peace of mind in knowing that your new washing machine will work at optimal efficiency. So, don’t struggle trying to do everything alone if you aren’t experienced or confident the Repair Aid team can help.

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