Steam washing machine – Should I buy one?

You might be wondering what a steam washing machine is right? It’s a washing machine with a steam feature. But is it worth purchasing and if so why? The steam washing machines are dropping in price and falling in the same bracket as regular font load machines. A question that frequently comes up is ‘I understand what a steam dryer is, but what is a steam washer?’ To decide the value of a steam washer, you should first look at the features. Read below to find out more.

A Little History Lesson

LG spent two years developing and introduced the original steam washing machine for consumers in 1997. The first thing to note was the claims they made about energy efficiency improvements in the machine. Amongst these claims was an increased performance of 20% and a serious decrease of the water used. LG was the first on the market but soon enough other brands were following the trend.

The science behind the steam washing machine

That’s the history lesson done. Now to the science lesson. The first thing to know about washing machines is that to remove heavy stains you want to wash your clothes in at least 50 degrees Celsius. What if that’s not hot enough to raise the stain though? Steam washer benefit one. Steam washers function at 100 degrees Celsius, meaning that they generate enough heat to remove some of the toughest stains. The steam is released into the drum at this high temperature and aides the detergent in removing tough stains like grass stains or blood patches.

What are the benefits of a steam washing machine?

Beside removing stains, what are the other benefits to a steam washer? Firstly, sterilisation. Steam washers function at such a high temperature it’s almost impossible for general bacteria to survive. This means that your clothes get a thorough and sanitising cleaning. The next benefit is the fact that steam washers help to reduce allergens. For those who suffer allergies, these machines are for you.


Sanitation happens at around 75 degrees Celsius. Most normal washers will never reach this temperature, meaning properly getting rid of pests such as mites. Mites and bacteria can be a nuisance in any household and often just washing the clothes and bedding of a sick family member isn’t enough to prevent the spreading of the sickness. Steam washers usually have a range of settings which allow you to control temperature and intensity of the wash.

Allergen removal

The high temperatures are also great at getting rid of allergens such as pollen, pet fur and compounded dust. Another benefit to using a steam washing machine is that the steam often helps to soften the fabrics in clothing making them more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause skin irritations. Another pro for steam washers from fabric softening is the fact that they’re less likely to come out wrinkled. Most modern front-load washing machines have spin cycles of about 1000 rpm. The high speed is great to reduce drying time, but results in clothes becoming wrinkled and more time is spent ironing.

Stain removal

The stain removal properties of steam washing machines is a testament to modern technology. The steam loosens dirt from the fibres of clothing making stain removal easier and leaving pre-soaking in the history books.


The pricing of steam machines varies depending on the quality of machine you require. Whether this machine is for you, is entirely up to you. Take into consideration the frequency you might be using the steam function and how effective it is for what you need from a machine. If you’re looking for a machine to aid in sanitising your house from germs, this might be worth paying an extra £70+- for. However, if the price for the feature increases the price of the machine by £350+- then the cost might be less convincing.

Choose the best one for you

When looking at washers that offer a steam function, do your investigation into things like the temperature achieved by the steam function and the effectiveness of stain removal. Asking this question in-store might result in a sales person telling you what you want to hear to get the sale. Ideally check online reviews for accurate representation of how well the machine functions. Research the specifications and what they mean to give yourself a better understanding of the product you’re about to purchase. Remember, washing machines ideally last for years, you don’t want to be buying a cheap machine and replacing it next year.

We hope the above information is useful. Please do not hesitate to contact Repair Aid if you have any questions regarding our washing machine services.

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