The Delay Start Timer – What Is It and Do I Need It?

The delay start timer is an unusual feature, it appears on many different electronics including a huge range of washing machines. But what does this feature even do and do you even need to use it? Well thankfully the delay start timer is pretty much self-explanatory and while it can be a useful tool it might not be something you will ever need to use.

The delay start timer can be set to activate a pre-arranged cycle while you’re in bed, at work or running errands. Basically, if you need to your washing machine to run a cycle but won’t be a home to do it then the delay timer can be used to do it for you.

Now, this might sound useful in theory say if you’ve forgotten to run a cycle during the day and want to complete one while you’re out with friends or at work. Or you simply want to run an extra load while you’re asleep, but while it might sound useful many people will likely be fine just pushing the buttons themselves.

However, some tariffs and electrical plans might also make using electrical appliances during the night cheaper, which can make the delay start timer useful for washing clothes during the night. So, while it might not seem like an incredibly valuable feature it can have its uses, especially if you aren’t home often and don’t want to fall behind on your washing.

It might not seem like it but washing can pile up quickly and dealing with a backlog of dirty laundry is never fun. However, there are some safety concerns you need to think about before using your washing machine’s delay timer.

Safety First – What To Consider Before Using Your Timer

Everybody knows that leaving any electrical appliance on when you’re not home is a risky venture, in fact in many manuals it is often stated that you shouldn’t. Yes, we know this goes against the whole purpose of a delay timer but it’s not uncommon to see a washing machine manual lay out the instructions for a delay timer while also recommending not to leave your washing machine unattended.

So, what do you do? Well, think about it this way if the feature was unsafe then would it be included? The answer is no so a delay timer will in majority of cases be safe to use, however, there is always the risk of something going wrong.

For example, issues like pipes freezing or leaks and spills can happen and because the cycle is happening while you’re not around you won’t be able to prevent any damage or stop any issues before they get worse. If you spot a leak during a wash cycle then you will probably be able to cancel it and prevent a big mess. If you notice a leak, you really need a professional washing machine repair service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call Repair Aid customer support team.

But since your washing machine is starting a cycle without you around because of the delay start timer you will not be able to stop any potential problems. So, there is always an element of risk when it comes to using the delay start timer, yes, the odds of something actually happening are very slim but you just never know.

Because of this, you should ensure that your washing machine is regularly cleaned and make sure there is proper ventilation. Overall the risk is very minimal but it could happen and it’s essential that you take that into consideration before using your delay start timer.

How Do I Activate My Timer?

There’s no universal design with washing machines so how you activate the timer will differ from model to model. Most modern washing machines will have a delay start timer feature because despite its limited use it’s still considered a very desirable feature by many people, so it will often be included.

For digital washing machines, there will usually be a timer button and then you can simply schedule the time of the next wash cycle. If you’re having difficulty activating your delay start timer simply refer to your washing machine’s manual for instructions and guidance.

So, Is The Delay Timer Worth Using?

You might be reading this and thinking this doesn’t sound like a feature I’ll ever really need and you might be right you might never need to use it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful feature to have even if its use is limited.

If you’re away from home for long periods then learning how to use the delay start timer will be incredibly useful and with it, you can easily keep on top of your washing. As long as you’re aware of the risks involved the delay start timer can be a very useful feature.

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