Beko Electric Cooker Repairs

Cookers manufactured by Beko cover a wide market range from entry level cookers for the lower cost market to the higher range cookers with an admirable range of additional features. With an excellent selection from freestanding cookers to range cookers that resemble the traditional range with multiple ovens and additional hob, Beko have developed a reputation for quality.

Identifying problems with cookers can be more complex than they appear on the surface because Beko manufacture both electric and dual fuel cookers. Especially range cookers may have a gas hob, but electric ovens and so when trying to identify the issue, remember to have the model number available when you make the call.

Repair qualifications and the law

In the UK it is also imperative that you understand the relevance of local law before you start to tamper with your appliance. Repairs and maintenance of gas installations and appliances require that the technician has very specific qualifications and holds an up to date registration with insurance indemnities. If you do not understand the limitations within the law of self repair, get a professional in to do the job. Your Home and the lives of your family members could be at risk. The combination of gas and electricity in an appliance that has had a DIY repair can prove fatal.

Identifying the problem

There are a number of indicators the signal a problem with your Beko cooker. In the case of a gas installation, if your gas is not provided by mains, make sure that you have not in fact run out through your source of supply. Failure of the hob to heat up in electrical cookers, the fan not working or absolutely no power leading to the cooker are all signs of a problem. In some cases, the trouble starts with temperature regulations going awry. This becomes evident when food is either patently overdone or undercooked.

Error codes on your cooker

Modern Beko cooker installations may also issue error codes when problems arise. This will make it easier for our staff to identify the main source of the problem before sending the engineer out. The Repair Aid engineer will arrive with all the correct parts and spend less time trying to work out what the problem is. This means that savings are passed on to the customer without the call out hours having to be extended.

Because our Repair Aid technicians are trained specifically to repair certain makes and models, you can rest assured that they will know their way around your cooker and have the heat back in the kitchen in time for the dinner party.

Please call Repair Aid today and discuss your Beko cooker repair with one of our experienced technicians.

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