Beko Tumble Dryer Repairs

While your Beko tumble dryer will not have integrated mechanisms in the same way that a washer dryer has, there are several issues unique to tumble dryers that will eventually arise as they get older.

Even those that look after their Beko tumble dryers meticulously, will eventually encounter a problem that is either age related or from normal wear and tear. The problems can range from the tumble dryer not heating, to the drum not turning. Should it suddenly become very noisy you can rest assured that is a very real reason for concern.

Beko tumble dryers can leak too, especially from underneath and then there are all sorts of minor issues that loom larger than life. The water sensor light may be on perpetually when there in is no water in the tank.

Check the power

In the same way that it is advised to do what seems to be the logical thing, but a lot of us forget when we are in a panic, check that the fuse in the plug is intact and working, simply by replacing the fuse. This should always be the first step when your Beko machine does not start up at and there is no evidence of power getting to the machine.

Check the filter

If your Beko model is fitted with a filter, check the filter. Filters that are not cleared after every load can become overloaded and the fluff will certainly migrate to other parts of the machine as the build-up grows. Failure to clear the filter invites other problems. When heating components are clogged will dirt and dust they will eventually overheat and fail.

After checking what may seem to have been the obvious, you may also want to double check the manufacturers installation instructions. Rectifying setup or installation of your Beko machine may be all that’s needed.

Error codes

If nothing seems to work and your Beko machine is displaying an error code, take a note of the error code and give us a call. Our staff will be able to quickly identify the problem and send out a technician to repair the problem without having to spend too much time on diagnostics.

Contact Repair Aid

Call our customer service for advice or to book a tumble dryer repair engineer: 020 7183 6944

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