Miele Washing Machine Error Codes – An In-depth Guide To Those Pesky Errors

Miele is probably not the name that first comes to mind when you think of electronics manufacturers, is it? But this family owned and run company has been active for over 100 years! So, while it might not have the instant name recognition of some brands it certainly as the experience and quality to ensure it’s survived a very competitive market.

Miele washing machine

Miele is a German electronics manufacturer and they have many high-end appliances under their brand name. But today we are looking at one of their most popular appliances namely washing machines.

You’ll find a wide variety of washing machines under the Miele name including many luxury appliances with extra features and settings. Because of their status as a high-end manufacturer, it’s not uncommon to see Miele washing machines in business settings like laundrettes and hotels.

But that’s enough of the history lesson let’s get down to why we’re all here! If you’re reading this post you’re probably the owner of a Miele washing machine, aren’t you? And unfortunately, you’re also likely having a problem with it as well.

Errors with washing machines are always going to happen, no matter how well designed and built your washing machine is there is always going to be the risk of an error occurring. This can be very frustrating but when you really consider how complex washing machines are it’s not really surprising that they can suffer errors is it?

But when you’re faced with a flashing error code knowing what to do isn’t always easy, checking your instructions manual might turn up a few tips but it likely won’t do much to help you. But that’s where we can help, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Miele error codes and what they all mean.

Miele Error Codes – How To Identify The Errors

Washing machines can display their error codes in a number of different ways some use number, some opt for letters and some use both. While others also use a system of LED lights to accompany the error codes as well.

Miele washing machines, however, have a slightly more unusual and a first glace chaotic system to how they identify each error. They use a competition of messages, symbols, sounds, and lights and rather unusually sometimes a light not flashing can be used as an error code or sign to what the problem may be.

That probably all sounds a little confusing, doesn’t it? While the Miele system to identify errors may seem a little messy at first glance and will take some getting used to it can actually be very helpful in some cases. It is also much more in-depth than some of the more simplistic error code systems on other washing machines as well.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about tackling these error codes on your own because we can help you! Below we’ve listed all the error codes Miele washing machine owners need to know about, we’ll look at how you can identify them, what could be causing them and how you can get them fixed. So, without further ado let’s begin.

Miele Error Codes – Your In-Built Diagnostic Tool

Miele washing machines like many other brands use their error code systems as diagnostic tools, they’ll help tell you what the problem is but won’t be able to tell you what exactly is causing the problem. Therefore, it always the best idea to call in a professional repairman to assist you when it comes to solving any errors.

And if you’re looking for professional repairmen then we are the group to call! We work on the local level, so we can get to you quickly and our Repair Aid technicians have a wealth of experience so will be able to handle any error code issues.

So, now that you know who to call for help let’s look at those error codes, shall we? Like we mentioned earlier the error code system for Miele washing machines might seem a little complicated at first.

So, to help make the error code system clear I will label the code and any symbols/ lights you need to know about in the title of each error code. While a description of what the error means will be below it.

Error Code: Water Inlet Fail

Error Message – The message “Water Inlet Fail” will be displayed on the control panel along with an exclamation point.

This error can be caused by a variety of different faults with some of the most common causes being the water inlet filter being blocked, the water pressure being too low, damage to the hose or connectivity issues.

Apart from a kinked hose, all the other causes of this error can’t really be fixed by an inexperienced person. Yes, you might find guides online and maybe even some video “walkthroughs” on YouTube but I would strongly advise calling in a professional to assist you with this error.

In more serious cases you might need to get components in your washing machine replaced but a professional technician will once again be able to assist you with this.

Error Code: Drain Fault

Error Message – The message “Drain Fault” will be displayed on the control panel along with an exclamation point.

Drainage errors are one of the more common errors washing machine owners will experience and they again can be caused by a variety of different things. Some common causes include the drain or filter being blocked, your hose being too high up or even electrical faults and connectivity issues.

Of these possibilities, the only causes you should at the very least investigate on your own are problems with your hose and blockages. Examining the hose is relatively simple just try repositioning it lower to the ground to see if it solves the problem. If your hose is damaged or worn out, then that could also be the problem.

For blockages, you’ll want to examine the filter/ pump, refer to your washing machine’s manual to learn how to do this. But remember if you would rather not risk removing any obstructions yourself you can always call in a professional to assist you.

It’s easier than you think to cause more harm to your washing machine by trying to remove a blockage incorrectly so if you’re unsure call us in to help.

Error Code: Technical Fault

Error Message – The message “Technical Fault” will be displayed on the control panel along with an exclamation point.

A technical fault seems a little vague, doesn’t it? And unfortunately, when it comes to this error code it’s going to take some investigating to get to the bottom of everything. Technical faults come in many forms after all it could be a connectivity issue, wiring problem, issues with the control panel and much more.

In some cases, it could actually be very easy to fix but without knowing what the technical fault actually is you won’t be able to do anything about it will you? Which is why calling in a professional repairman to assist you with this error is almost always going to be recommended.

A professional repairman will be able to safely investigate your washing machine for faults and then work out the best way to proceed with repairs. The only real thing you can try on your own is turning off the power and rebooting your washing machine.

If the technical fault is being caused by an outside issue like a power cut or poor-quality connection, then this might fix the error. Although don’t get your hopes up because this is unlikely to work in the majority of cases.

Error Code: Waterproof Fault

Error Message – The message “Waterproof Fault” will be displayed on the control panel along with an exclamation point.

This error is again one that I would recommend calling a professional to assist you with, accidentally triggering the waterproof system on your Miele washing machine can also cause this error to appear as well so do keep that in mind.

To find out how you turn on this setting on your model of washing machine refer to your instructions manual. You can attempt to fix this error yourself, but you will need to first disconnect your washing machine and turn off the water supply.

From there you will need to open the drum and remove any wet washing and then reset the error code. It sounds simple enough, but I would strongly advise calling in a professional to do this for you. The procedure is much more complicated than it sounds, and you really need expert help to do it without risking further harm to your washing machine.

Error Code: F41 Error

Error Message – The message “F41” will be displayed on the control panel.

This error code will standout for sounding more like a traditional if somewhat cryptic code you’d find on other washing machine models. So, what does the F41 error mean exactly? Thankfully it is a relatively simple error to understand and in the majority of cases, you will likely be able to fix it yourself.

The error means that your program/ wash cycle has been aborted and this can also be caused by electrical faults in some cases. Solving this issue is usually easy all you need to do is turn your washing machine off for around 15 to 20 seconds and then turn it back on and select another washing program. If this doesn’t work, then try repeating the process and if you are still having no luck call in a professional to help.

Error Code: Call Service Error

Error Message – The message “Call Service” will be displayed on the control panel.

The call service error is probably the code that is most likely to send people into a panic, thankfully this error will usually only be caused by a single fault which a professional repairman will usually be able to fix it for you.

This error means the drum lamp is not properly fitted or has become dislodged, again this is an error that can also be caused by electrical faults as well and while you will find guides online showing you how to reset your drum lamp I would as always recommend calling in a professional for assistance. Attempting to carry out this procedure on your own will likely just result in more damage being done.

Error Code: Inlet/ Drain Errors

The inlet and drain errors have actually already been covered above in the water inlet fail and drain fault sections. However, in some models of Miele washing machine’s these errors will be shown through flashing lights on the control panel instead. Follow the same steps as suggested above and remember if in doubt call in a professional to assist you.

Error Lights

This final section is a little more general because there are other lights to be aware of when it comes to Miele washing machines. These act just like the Inlet/ Drain lights some examples to watch out for include an excess detergent light and a pre-wash light.

Finally, one other fault you should watch out for in no illumination on any of the lights, including the start/ power button. This error means there is an issue with the mains power supply in the washing machine or if you’re lucky it could just be a problem with your power lead or possibly even the plug socket.

So, that’s a look at all the errors Miele washing machine owners need to know about, it might sound a little complicated but thanks to our guide finding out what each error means will be much simpler. So, when faced with an error take a look at our guide and then call in some professional help from our experienced team. Thanks to our fast and efficient service you’ll soon be back up and running.

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