My electric oven fan is not working

Ineffective heating of the oven is a common headache an oven user endures and one of the commonest that our engineers are often called to attend to. When turned on, a well-functioning oven should have its fan evenly distribute heat that is radiated by the heating element. However, if there’s a fault in either the heating element or the fan, this interferes with the ideal and optimal heating of your oven. However, other minor faults could still be lurking somewhere in the shadows. Let’s delve further and discover. Please do not take any action unless you are confident you can do it safely and legally, it’s always best to call a qualified electric oven repair engineer.

Electric oven fan is not working

A malfunctioning oven fan element

If the thermostat of your oven is turned on, but you notice that the oven is blowing in cold air, the likely culprit could be the damaged heating element surrounding the fan.

Have a technician unplug the cooking appliance and eject the back cover. This will give you a clear view of both the oven and the element. Should you spot any burn marks on the element, then the technician will certainly be required to overhaul the part and replace it with a new one.

It’s worth noting that, sometimes, the damage to the element may not be visible at first glance but could be located deep inside the element. Replacement of this element may cost you between £75 and £125. For your own safety, it is always the best idea to get a qualified electric oven repair technician to complete any work you need done.

A defective oven fan motor

The oven fan motor could have some mechanical problems if the fan runs slower than expected or makes an overly high-pitched sound which is not the norm. Another important pointer is the inefficient heating in the oven despite the light being on and the heating element getting hot.

To probe further and confirm the status of the fan, a technician may have to open the inside panel and check if there’s a loose fan blade which may be responsible for the strange sounds and tighten it. The technician may also consider manually turning the fan by hand and if it feels rigid, then definitely the motor is the problem and needs a replacement. He should also confirm that the fan is not covered with gravy or any substance emanating from cooking, and if any, he should leave the fan squeaky clean.

An Incorrect oven setting

If you’re still stuck and wondering what else could be wrong despite checking the fan and the heating element, reset the oven from ‘auto’ mode back to ‘manual’ setting. The oven should after that spring back to life. You may need to consult your manual for a more detailed step by step guide.

A broken oven thermostat

Still no luck? Check out the oven thermostat. It could be the source of your agony especially if there’s no light inside and the fan is motionless.

If in doubt, it’s always best to seek help from a professional electric oven repair engineer. Calling for professional help is always the better option.

Take note

The rule of the thumb states that appliances should be regularly maintained for optimal performance and prolonged durability. This servicing should be strictly adhered to as per the product’s manual and should be carried out by a registered appliance engineer. As always, regular maintenance will greatly save you the cost of investing in a new oven.

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