My Electric Oven’s Door Won’t Close Properly

Your oven door refusing the close is a frustrating problem because unlike an electrical fault or internal issue it can first appear like a problem you can easily solve on your own. However, be very careful you might not need to call in a technician to handle a faulty oven door (depending on the cause of course) but if you try to fix it yourself you easily end up doing more damage.

Should I worry if my electric oven’s door won’t close properly

An electric ovens door not closing is a relatively common problem with a variety of potential causes. And identifying the problem like always should be what you do first, whatever you do don’t get angry and try to force a door to shut. So, let’s take a look at some of the problems that could be causing your oven’s door to not close properly.

A Damaged Door Latch

Door latches are notoriously fidgety and on some oven models they can be very fragile, the latch connects to a hole inside the oven but it can sometimes get stuck and not budge.

Trying to force the door can break the latch so be gentle if you notice your oven door sticking then you might be able to stop the problem before it gets any worse.

You should grease the latch using oil to keep it smooth and also carry out regular inspections to ensure the latch hole doesn’t get too dirty. If the latch is cracked or damaged then you will need to call in an electric oven repair technician to replace it.

The Door Handle Is Damaged

Another common problem to look out for is the oven door handle getting damaged. This can happen due to age or accidental damage, it might not always be noticeable though because it could be an internal part of the handle that is broken.

So, carry out regular checks of the handle and listen carefully to the sound it makes when you pull or turn the handle. This can help you work out whether it’s damaged. If the door handle is damaged then your best option is to call in a professional to repair or replace it.

Hinge Problems

Another possible problem that can cause your oven door to refuse to close is the hinges. Just like with a regular door the hinges on an oven door can get stiff over time and be affected by things like rust and dirt.

If you spot rust then make sure you treat it and keep the hinges regularly oiled, you should also make cleaning your oven door hinges a regular part of your cleaning routine to avoid a build-up of dirt. So regular care and maintenance are essential if you want to avoid problems with your door hinges.

A more serious problem could be your door hinges being damaged or knocked out of alinement, you might able to fix this yourself by manoeuvring the frame but you will likely need to call in a professional electric oven repair technician to do it for you.

Frame Work Problems

The repeated warming and cooling of your electric oven can also cause problems with your oven door over time. This can cause the frame work to move out of alignment and even a small movement can cause the lock or latch to fail.

So, what do you do if you notice that the frame work of your electric oven is starting to move out of alignment? You can sometimes fix the issue if the movement is only minor, simply tightening the screws can rectify the problem and help move the frame back into place.

But while this might solve the problem for a time it will probably happen again unless you get a professional in to replace the door or carry out a more thorough repair job. This is a problem that can also sometimes only occur when the oven is in use, this is a more difficult issue to fix on your own so you will likely need to call in a professional straight away.

We strongly recommend you don’t attempt electrical repairs yourself if you aren’t a trained technician. It’s better to call in a qualified electric oven repair engineer than to have an accident.

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