My Electric Oven Won’t Turn On

Electric ovens are becoming increasingly commonplace in homes today and while they might not suffer the same common problems of gas ovens they can still have their own technical issues every now and again. Electricity is certainly something the modern household can’t live without but it isn’t always one hundred percent reliable.

What to do when my electric oven won't turn on

So, what should you do if your electric oven suddenly won’t turn on?  Well, first things first  – you should try to identify the problem, you might be able to fix it yourself but if you do have to call in an electric oven repair technician then by knowing what’s wrong you’ll be able to ensure the repair process is much quicker. So, let’s take a look at some of the common problems that could cause your electric oven to not turn on.

Fuse Problems

Fuses are a common problem when it comes to electrical appliances and an electric oven is no different. Many electric ovens have internal fuses and they can blow for many reasons it can be a wiring issue or a larger problem with your home’s electrics.

If your fuse is blown then it won’t always be easy to fix, a quick replacement won’t always solve the problem. Your oven can have many fuses that are connected to certain components, this can help you narrow down what area of your oven is suffering a fault. It could be just one fuse that’s blown or an assortment of them.

Of course, if it’s the fuse on the plug then replacing it will be simple and straightforward. Remember always discontent the oven before attempting to change the fuse and make sure you’re replacing it with a matching fuse. For internal fuses, you will likely be better off calling in a professional electric oven repair engineer because it will require a degree of experience to be able to safely replace them.

Igniter Issues

The igniter not working is an easy problem to notice, if you are pressing down on the igniter and nothing is happening will you know something is wrong. Your igniter should glow as well and even if it is then it might not be working correctly because it’s too weak.

Unfortunately, many igniters in electric ovens are very weak so problems are common. If you suspect your igniter isn’t working then call in a professional. They’ll be able to perform a voltage check using an amp meter and then if it’s not working they’ll be able to replace it.

Bakes and Broils

The bakes and broils look very similar the broil is the heating element at the top of your oven while the bake is at the bottom. Both elements can fail which can lead to your oven not heating, but noticing it isn’t always easy.

The elements can be burnt which will damage their circuitry or they might become disconnected, you should carefully inspect them to find out for sure. Make sure the oven is disconnected and cool before you do this and if you notice a problem call in a professional electric oven repair engineer.

They’ll be able to replace the elements if they are damaged and carry out a more thorough inspection if they don’t look damaged but still aren’t heating up. A professional technician will be able to check the fuses, thermostats, and switches to find out the source of the issue.

Sensor and Switches

Unsurprisingly the temperature plays a big part when it comes to your oven, the temperature sensor regulates the temperature so if it develops a fault your oven might refuse to turn on. If you have a more modern electric oven you might get an error code displayed on your oven’s control panel, so check the manual to see what it says.

If you have a multi-meter you can use it to check the oven (make sure it’s disconnected first) but in the majority of cases, you will need to call in a professional to fix or replace the sensor for you. Another common problem with electric ovens is the main switch, known as the infinite switch which powers the surface elements.

Repairing and replacing the switch takes some DIY work and experience, so if you don’t have it then you should call in a professional. A technician will be able to locate the switch and check for faulty wires and other common faults if the switch still works then they will be able to conduct a high-voltage test to ensure your oven is getting enough power.

Other Possible Issues

That’s just some of the common problems that can result in your electric oven not turning on. Some of the other issues include the safety valves not releasing gas and more general electric failures, like with the oven’s control board.

For problems like this, it’s always your best option to call in a professional electric oven repair technician. They’ll be able to perform a professional voltage check and carry out all the necessary safety checks and repair or replace any components.

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