Tumble Dryer Installation Requirements

A tumble dryer is a very useful appliance but it isn’t an appliance you can just plug in anywhere. You’ll need to consider a few things first to ensure your dryer is safe. If you don’t then you could risk significant danger because a dryer that isn’t in the right environment can easily cause a number of safety breaches.

Think of a tumble dryer like a house guest you wouldn’t let them sleep out in the cold or a place where there is no air circulation, would you? Many of these things are the same dangers and risks you need to watch out for when it comes to installing a tumble dryer.

If the environment isn’t right then your dryer might not even function, more modern machines will even display error codes which will let you know things aren’t quite right. Let’s look at all the main things you need to consider when it comes to ensuring your dryer is installed correctly.

tumble dryer installed correctly

Low Temperature Environments

Low temperature environments are a major problem when it comes to tumble dryers because many people incorrectly believe dryers can handle them. Places like garages and even sheds are used to hold tumble dryers but they really shouldn’t be.

When winter comes around these environments get much colder which can cause a multitude of problems. Condenser dryers are the most at risk because the condensation will occur much earlier which means the clothes in the dryer will at best only get mildly dry and at worst they might not even dry at all.

Vented tumble dryers will usually work in colder temperature environments in which a condenser dryer wouldn’t. However, the cold from the environment will still cause harm even if it’s not as obverse so they are once again best avoided even if you have a hardier vented dryer.

During the hotter months of the year, you may be able to keep your dryer in these colder locations, but again for your peace of mind and to always ensure the best performance from your appliance they are once again not recommended.

Access To Proper Ventilation

Tumble dryers need cool air, this is your average air not too hot and not too cold. It sounds difficult but this air is around us all the time, getting the air into your tumble dryer is where things start to get difficult.

All kinds of tumble dryer from heat pump condenser models to ventilated models will need access to breathable air. So, try to place them near open windows or patio doors to allow more room for the cool air to circulate. They should also not be too crowded either as you’ll need plenty of space for them to be able to “breathe”.

With ventilated models you might be able to work around a lack of space by ensuring the ventilation hose is free and out in the open. However, once again this is not really recommended and if you have any concerns about the location of your dryer call in a professional to inspect it.

However, to help you we do have some guidance. To ensure your dryer is comfortable there should be a minimum of 3m² of space with a fresh supply of air around it. This air could be accessing the room in one way or multiple it doesn’t really matter as long as the air is present in the room. Whether it’s an open door to a neighbouring room or an open window it doesn’t really matter.

You should also make sure you carry out regular inspections of the room your dryer is placed in as well. A temperature gauge is recommended and you should keep an eye out for the level of condensation as well.

High Temperature Environments

OK let’s be honest in the UK this isn’t going to be very common is it? However, ironically while I’ am writing this we are going through an unexpected heatwave in some parts of the country so who knows.

High temperature environments cause many of the same issues a low temperature one would because the air is too warm and the dryer won’t be cold enough to condense the moisture. Which can cause a lot of problems, this problem can also occur if your dryer lacks proper ventilation.

There could be a blizzard going on outside but if your dryer is in a cramped space with no access to outside air then it can (and trust me it will) reach a very high temperature. So, make sure you always consider the location of your appliance.

Ventilated dryers are hardier and more resistant to these kinds of dangers than condenser models. But they are not immune to the risks either so whatever type of tumble dryer you have make sure it’s in a comfortable, clean, open space.

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