Appliance Repairs in the City of London

The city of London is the central hub of the UK, it’s home to many popular landmarks and has a rich history. While it’s undoubtedly a popular tourist destination many people also live in the capital city and at Repair Aid, we are ready to help anyone with professional home appliance repairs!

We often take our home appliances for granted, don’t we? We just never really seem to think about them breaking, after all, it’s not common, is it? But while home appliances are usually pretty reliable (although this can vary) that doesn’t mean they can’t break down or fall into disrepair.

But before you go buying a new appliance we can help! At Repair Aid, we offer a wide range of repair services for all kinds of household appliances including common household appliances like fridges, freezers and washing machines as well as more uncommon luxury appliances like dishwashers, oven hoods, and even foreign appliances.

With our great services, we can get any household appliance working again in no time! We work locally which means we can get to you quickly, which is essential when it comes to home appliance repairs after all who wants to be left without a washing machine or fridge?

That’s why we are proud to offer both same and next-day appointments! We also provide a one-year guarantee on any repairs no matter what the make or model of the appliance is and don’t worry other factors like age aren’t important.

We can also carry out the vast majority of appliance repairs onsite because our repairmen carry all the essential tools and components with them both in their toolkits and in their Repair Aid vehicles. The city of London is a busy and bustling place and much bigger than many people think but at Repair Aid, we can promise a professional, reliable and fast appliance repair service.

Your Local Engineer

Meet one of our engineers working in the City of London – Damian

With over 11 years of experience repairing and servicing domestic and commercial appliances, Damian can handle any repair efficiently and with ease. His dedication and work ethic have made him invaluable to the team.

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