Beko Washing Machine Error Codes – Everything You Need To Know

Beko is one of the most popular electronic brands in the world, this Turkish brand covers a wide range of home and kitchen appliances but it’s washing machines we’re going to be focusing on today.

No matter how high-quality an appliance is errors are always going to occur sooner or later, however, the good news with washing machines is that their error codes allow you to easily identify the problem. Below we’ve outlined all the main error codes you need to know about on Beko washing machines.

Beko washing machine display

Beko Error Codes

The Beko error code system is very simple it goes from E1 to E18, if you can correct the error yourself then you’ll simply need to hold down the start button to clear the error code. Remember though if you can’t correct the error or aren’t confident enough to attempt it then we can help!

Our experienced repairmen can offer help and assistance with all kinds of Beko washing machine repairs, so if you’d rather a professional deal with the job just get in touch today. So, without further ado let’s take a look at the error codes.


The is error code means there’s been an NTC error detected in the washing machine. This means there’s an issue with the thermistor wiring in the machine, you can check the thermistor to test the connection on Beko washing machines it should read 4700 ohms with a temperature of 25˚C.


This error code means there is a problem with the heater, again this will most likely be a wiring issue and with the assistance of the instructions manual you might be able to correct it. However, I would advise calling in a professional.


This error code is again related to the heater in the washing machine, however, this means there is a constant stream of heat. You need to examine the control board relay for the heater but again this is something that should only be done by a professional.


This error code encompasses a few different potential problems, but they are all related to the fact that your washing machine won’t fill up with water. In some cases, this could be an easy issue to fix it may simply be an issue with the door causing a jam or it could be a more complex issue with the water valve or the wiring.


This error code means there is a drainage issue with the washing machine again this could be caused by a variety of issues from simple blocks in the pump filter, to more complex problems with the control board. So, if you’re unsure of how to proceed call in a professional to assist you.


This error code means there is a problem with the motor, you will probably notice the washing machine jumping of shaking during a wash cycle. Again, this could be caused by numerous issues but unlike some other error codes, this is something best left to a professional to fix.


This code means an issue with the level sensor has been detected, one common warning sign is the fact that the washing machine empties every time you try to start it up. Or in some cases it may not start a cycle at all, a technician will be needed to examine the sensor to diagnose the problem.


The codes covers a variety of issues but will usually be related to your washing machine not filling with water. Because this code encompasses an array of potential problems it requires numerous checks to diagnose, so it’s something that only a professional should carry out.


The E9 error code means there is a problem with the washing machine’s door lock. If you’re lucky it might be relatively simple to fix if it’s just a simple issue with the door however it could easily be a more complex task as well. So, if you’re unsure of what to do or can’t identify the problem call in a professional.


The code is again related to the door but this time it means the washing machine is detecting that the door is jammed in some way. This could again be an internal issue though, so it might not be simple to fix.


This code means the washing machine as detected a problem with the motor, due to its complexity this is something a technician will need to examine for you.


This code means there’s been an excessive amount of foam detected in the washing machine, thankfully this is a problem you can usually fix on your own by clearing the foam and running some rinse cycles to clear everything. This can happen due to poor-quality detergent or simply overloading your washing machine with too much during a wash cycle.


This final error code means an unbalanced washing load has been detected during a cycle, if your washing machine doesn’t spin then this can also cause the E18 error. Thankfully simply stopping the cycle, reloading and then restarting it should solve the issue.

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