Bosch Honeycomb Drum Washing Machine Error Codes

The German manufacturer Bosch have a reputation for high-quality and when you consider their popularity with customers from all around the world it’s easy to see that this is a reputation that is well earned. However, while they might be high-quality appliances they are not immune to errors.

All washing machines can suffer errors after all, but Bosch has provided a great way for you to easily see what each error code means. The errors go from F01 to F07 and encompass a wide variety of different faults.

While our list below will help you outline what each error means that doesn’t mean you should attempt to fix the problems on your own. These error codes act as diagnostic tools and you should only use them as a guide, they may tell you what the error is, but they won’t tell you what is causing the problem.

Many of these errors can have multiple different causes so when faced with an error code you should call a professional repair technician to help you. The good news is we can help you with that! Our amazing technicians have a wealth of experience with error codes of all kinds, so if you’re faced with an error code just get in touch with our team to arrange an appointment with one our technicians.

Bosch has a wide-range of different appliances under their brand name and they have a variety of different washing machine lines. Today we are looking at the Bosch Honeycomb Drum range of washing machines, due to their innovative drum design these washing machines have become very popular.

But despite their innovative drum design these washing machines are not immune to errors so without further ado let’s take a look at the errors you need to know about.

Bosch Error Codes

Noticing an error on your Bosch washing machine is actually pretty simple and straightforward, the error code will flash on your washer’s control panel and the numerical code is simple and easy to make out. But remember as we mentioned above these error codes should only be used as a guide to the problem.

Each error will have a level of severity to it sometimes the errors will be easy to solve but you might also need replacement components if repairs can’t be carried out. One thing to always check when it comes to fixing errors on your washing machine is the reset process.

This will wipe the error code in the majority of cases but if the problem causing the error isn’t solved don’t be surprised if the code quickly flashes back up again. So, now you know the basics behind the Bosch Honeycomb Drum washing machine errors let’s take a more in-depth look at the errors themselves.

Error Code F 01: Door Lock Error

The first error code is both a good and bad thing to see, while no error is good news thankfully the F 01 error is usually easy to fix. This error code means there is a problem with your washing machine’s door lock that is preventing it from fully closing and therefore locking.

This error code might also be displayed if you haven’t fully closed the washing machine door or if you try to activate a wash cycle with the door open. In the majority of cases, it will usually be because of some kind of debris that as jammed the door lock, like some excess cotton or fluff from clothing.

And removing the debris will usually be enough to get the door working again and clear the error code. Unfortunately, in some cases, the issue could be much more serious and not as easily fixable for example a wiring or electrical issue could cause the door to not lock properly or the lock or door could be more severely damaged and need replacing.

In these more serious cases, you will need to call in a professional technician to assist you, trying to carry out more complicated repairs on your own will likely just end up further damaging the washing machine’s door.

Error Code F 02: Water/ Inlet Valve Error

If you see this error code flashing don’t panic right away it might sound serious but the problem can usually be fixed quite easily with the help of a professional technician. But before you call one you should inspect the hose at the back of your washing machine if it’s been disconnected or is damaged then that will likely be the source of the problem.

Sometimes even a simple kink in the pipe could be causing the error code to flash, so make sure you inspect the hose. If the hose isn’t the problem, then it could be a problem with the water valves or an issue with your water supply.

Either way, calling in a professional to properly inspect your washing machine is advisable in these circumstances. Even if the problem is with the hose if it repeats itself then you may want to call a technician to inspect the connection because there could be a more serious internal issue.

Error Code F 03: Drain Error

This error as the name likely tells you means there is a problem with the drainage system on your washing machine. This is again a problem that could be simple to fix on your own or something that requires professional attention.

Blocks in your washing machine’s drain or filter are more common than you might think so you should familiarise yourself with your washing machine’s drainage hatch. If you can’t see any obstruction or can see one but would rather not risk removing yourself then call in a professional to assist you.

While a block in the drain pump or filter is the most likely cause of this error they are not the only possibilities. In more serious cases it could be a problem with the wiring in your washing machine or a communication error. For these more complicated matters contacting our team for expert advice and assistance is recommended.

Error Code F 04: Anti Flood Device Error/ Leak Detection

You probably noticed already that this error contains the word all washing machine owners dread! Yes, the word leak is very scary when it comes to washing machines isn’t it? But don’t panic because even if you do see error code F 04 flashing on your control panel it doesn’t necessarily mean your machine has a leak.

But there’s no denying that it could have one as well, so if you see this error code one of the first things you should do is carefully check for any leaks. Inspect the door carefully to see if any small drips are escaping and then inspect the back of the machine around the hose.

Even a tiny leak could cause a lot of problems and even if you can’t spot a leak on the outside it could be an internal one. If you can’t see any leaks then you should check the float switch in your washing machine, check with your machine’s instructions manual to find out how to access it.

Sometimes it can be incorrectly triggered which in turn will cause this error code to activate. This error code can be tricky to solve though so it would be advisable to call in a professional technician to assist you. You could spend hours examining your machine and easily miss something. So, with a more complicated error code like the F 04 calling a professional will be for the best.

Error Code F 05, F 06 and F 07: Motor Faults

These final three error codes all relate to motor faults, this might sound serious but, in some cases, they can be relatively easy to fix with a professional’s assistance of course. A motor can fail in a number of ways and while these error codes are rare a motor fault can still happen.

The problem could be a simple wiring issue, a problem with the connectors, carbon brushes or a communication error and that’s just naming a few of the possibilities. With an experienced technician helping you repairing a motor fault will usually be doable, however, in more extreme cases a replacement motor might be needed.

Of course, if this is the case then our experienced technicians will be able to deal with the installation for you. Motor errors might sound serious and while they can certainly be difficult to repair in some cases with a professional’s assistance repairing them and fixing the error is possible.

Identifying Bosch Honeycomb Drum Error Codes

One of the interesting parts of this washing machine’s error code system is that you can actually identify the errors in two distinctive ways. The first is by using the F-number which you can see listed above, however, the error codes will also be displayed using a system of LED lights across the program and spin menus.

This innovative feature can be very useful if the main control panel which would normally display the error codes is damaged in some way. Using the LEDs to read the error can be a little more difficult but we’ve listed what you need to look out for below.

So, if for some reason you can’t read your washing machine’s control panel take a look at the LEDs instead to see what you can work out.

Error F 01 – Spin LED 5 and Program LED 2 and 3 Will Flash

Error F 02 – Spin LED 5 and Program LED 2, 3 and 4 Will Flash

Error F 03 – Spin LED 5 and Program LED 1 Will Flash

Error F 04 – Spin LED 4 and Program LED 3 and 4 Will Flash

Error F 05 – Spin LED 3 and Program LED 3 Will Flash

Error F 06 – Spin LED 3 and Program LED 3 and 4 Will Flash

Error F 07 – Spin LED 3 and Program LED 3 Will Flash

This list outlines the LEDs to watch out for although it’s rare sometimes these lights may flash without displaying the corresponding error code, so keep an eye for the lights if you are experiencing problems with your washing machine. Just because an error code hasn’t appeared it doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing one.

So, that’s a look at the Bosch Honeycomb Drum range’s error codes, compared to some models this list might seem deceptively simple. But remember sometimes issues can still occur without an error code to use as guidance.

Which is why whatever the problem is we always recommend calling in a professional to assist you. Our professional repairmen are ready and waiting to take your call so whether you see an error code or not if you’re having trouble with your washing machine just get in touch today for quick professional assistance.

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