Bosch NEXXT Range Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch is a name many people know well, this German electronics manufacturer as a wide-range of different appliances under its brand name with washing machines being one of the most popular. So, unsurprisingly many people have a Bosch washing machine in their home.

While this is good news for many people, Bosch have a reputation for high-quality after all it doesn’t mean you will be free of errors. All kinds of washing machines have in-built error codes that are used to give people a point of reference to what the fault with their machine is.

This might sound serious but in many cases these errors can be easily fixed with a professional repair engineer assisting you. So, if you need help just get in touch today our technicians have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with error code fixes and solutions.

Bosch washing machine display

In this piece we’re examining all the error codes you need to know about if you have a Bosch NEXXT range washing machine. The NEXXT range is one of the most popular lines from Bosch and thankfully they have a very simple, easy to understand error system.

The error codes are displayed on the control panel at the front of the washing machine and go from F01 to F25 (although not all numbers are used) and encompass a variety of different errors. Error codes can act as diagnostic aids and guides on to what the problem with your washing machine is.

This is very useful information to have but doesn’t mean you should attempt repairs yourself. Error codes might outline a potential problem with, but it could still have multiple causes and you therefore shouldn’t attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Calling in a professional technician (like ours) to assist you with any error code fixes will always be the best option in the majority of circumstances. We’ve outlined the 16 main error codes for the NEXXT range of washing machines from Bosch below, so if you see and error code displayed refer to our guide to find out what the problem is.

Main Error Codes For The Bosch NEXXT Range Of Washing Machines

Error Code 01: Door Lock Error

This might seem simple at first glance and thankfully in the majority of cases it is usually an easy error to fix. As the name probably tells you this error means there is a problem with the door lock, this error will also be displayed if your door isn’t fully closed.

So, the first thing to do is examine the door closely you may just need to make sure it is actually closed. Or there could simply be a small obstruction blocking the lock, unfortunately on the other hand it could easily be a more serious issue like a broken or damaged door or locking mechanism.

In the more serious cases calling in a professional technician to assist you will be for the best.

Error Code 04: Door Lock Relay Failure

This might seem like a similar error to the first, but things are different, this error means there is a problem with the lock relay itself. This means even if the door is closed it won’t not register as locked so how do solve this error?

If you are lucky simply unplugging the washing machine and then leaving it for a few minutes might reset the module and fix the problem. If that doesn’t work or the problem repeats itself, then call in a professional to assist you.

Error Code 05: Temperature Sensor Doesn’t Register

Washing machines feature an array of sensors and this error means your water sensor isn’t working correctly. While you might be to correct this error yourself as it will likely be a wiring issue it is advisable to call in a professional to assist you as it can require more expert hands to properly fix, depending on what the outlying cause is.

Error Code 06: Water Sensor Is Defective

This problem is similar to the above error code however it instead of being a wiring or general electricity issue it will likely be because the sensor is defective. This means you will likely need to call in a professional to assist you because they will need to install a new water sensor in order to get your washing machine to work and clear the error code.

Error Code 07: Unexpected Heating Detected

This error means that your washing machine is heating up with the heater actually being activated, this could be a problem with the thermistor or a defective heating component. Finding out the source of this problem can be very difficult which is why it is advisable to call in a professional technician to assist you.

Error Code 08: Heating Won’t Turn Off

This error can be pretty serious is some cases, so I would advise calling in a professional to assist you if you see it flashing on your control panel. This error means your washing machine’s heater won’t turn off even when the cycle is finished, if you’re luck it could be a wiring problem that is easy to fix but sometimes your heater may need replacing. So, call in a professional to handle this error code for you.

Error Code 09: Communication Error

This error means your control module can’t communicate/ connect with the motor control module inside your washing machine. This can be difficult to fix and in more serious cases you may need to have need control modules installed. Before calling in a professional you should try unplugging your machine and leave it to cool off for an hour or two, this might clear the error.

Error Code 11 and 12: Water Fill Errors

These two error codes both relate to water fill problems, what does this mean exactly? Basically, it means that your washing machine can’t take in water for a wash cycle. This could be due to a number or potential problems and will require a number of checks from a professional technician, so they can devise the best way to fix the error.

Error Code 13: Drain Time Error

This error can sometimes easy to solve it all depends on what is causing the problem. It could be due to a block in the drainage hose or filter and sometimes all you will need to do is remove the blockage. For more serious issues you will need to call in a professional technician to assist you especially if the problem repeats itself.

Error Code 14: Overflow Error

This error can be easier than you think to accidentally trigger, you’d think overflowing your washing machine would be difficult, wouldn’t you? But it’s easier than you think and if you do accidentally overflow your washing machine you’ll need to drain and then pump out the water before you can use your washing machine again.

If you don’t think you can do this or would rather let a professional handle it for you then call in a technician to assist you. If you haven’t overflowed your washing machine but this error code is still flashing, then it will likely be a water pressure problem. In this instance calling in a professional to help you will be your best option.

Error Code 17: Aquastop Error

This error code means there is a problem with the float switch at the base of your washing machine. While you can examine the float switch yourself (check your washing machine manual for more information) it would be advisable to leave dealing with this error to a professional technician. Because it could have a variety of different causes calling in a professional to help you would be your best option.

Error Code 20: Spin Cycle Error

This is another error that could be easy or hard to solve, depending on what exactly is causing the problem. If the spin cycle cancels unexpectedly it will likely be because of a balancing issue in the drum, which will be relatively easy to fix.

However, if this problems repeats itself then it could be because of a more serious internal communication issue with the control module. Unplugging the washing machine for a few minutes can sometimes reset the error but calling in a professional to examine your washing machine will likely be for the best.

Error Code 21: Excessive Foam During A Cycle

It’s easier than you think to use too much washing detergent during a cycle so if you see this error take it as a warning to not use as much in the future. You should let the current cycle finish and then put your washing machine on a short wash cycle to clear any excess foam. This should solve the problem but if the error code continues to flash you should call in a professional to assist you.

Error Code 22: Power Supply Problem

This error code could appear for many reasons it could be as simple as the wrong kind of fuse being used in the plug socket or the power cable not being secure enough. So, if you’re lucky fixing this error is something you could easily do yourself just by carefully examining your washing machine.

However, error 22 could also be because of a much more serious internal issue like the control being faulty or a wiring issue. So, in some cases calling in a professional will be the only way of fixing the problem, if your washing machine seems fine then this error could also be caused by the power socket. So, you should always try another socket to see if it makes a difference.

Error Code 25: Door Lock Error 2

Just like the very first error code we looked at this error code is also related to your washing machine’s door lock. This error however will be because of the door lock coil, which can easily overheat or get blocked due to foreign objects/ materials.

Examining the door coil is relatively easy but fixing the problem will require professional assistance in the majority of cases. Sometimes attempting to repair the problem can easily cause more damage and make the situation worse, so if you see this error I would advise calling in a professional repairman as soon as you can.

So, that is a look at all the error codes Bosch NEXXT range washing machine owners need to know about. Remember while it might seem easier (not to mention cheaper) fixing the errors yourself in the majority of circumstances calling in a professional to help you will always be for the best. So, if you see one of these error codes flashing just get in touch for professional assistance right away.

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