Bosch WFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch is a German electronics manufacturer and one of the most well-known electronics brands in the world! Many people will recognise the Bosch brand name and while they have many different electronics under their brand name washing machines are one of their most popular products.

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A high-quality washing machine is something you can always rely on, right? Well unfortunately no because despite their impressive reputation even Bosch washing machines can suffer from errors. But these errors might not be as serious as you think, after all always washing machines will suffer from the occasional error every now and again.

Errors come in many different forms and below we’ve outlined all the errors you need to know about. Thankfully Bosch have outlined their errors in a very simple and easy to understand manner with their WFB range of machines. The errors go from F01 to F15 and encompass a wide variety of different potential errors.

These error codes act as diagnostic aids and will help you outline what the problem with your machine is. The errors will be displayed across the control panel, so you will be able to tell at a glance what the issue is. Remember while the error codes will outline any potential problems with your washing machine that doesn’t mean you should attempt to fix the problem yourself.

The error codes will not give you an in-depth explanation for example error code F02 means there is an issue with the heating system. But this could be a wiring issue, a heating timeout or a defective heating unit. So, it is advisable that you call in a professional repair technician to assist you with any services.

Below we’ve outlined all the error codes you need to know about, so if you own a Bosch WFP washing machine take a look at the codes below to see what they all mean. But remember it’s advisable that you call in a professional technician to assist you with any repairs. And we can help you there, so just give us a call for expert help!

Bosch WFB Range Error Codes Explained

Error F01: Water Intake Timeout

The first error code is related to the winter intake system in your washing machine, basically it means your machine can’t take in any water or enough water to start the cycle. Like many errors there is a number of reasons this could be happening some common problems include a faulty tap, damaged hose, blocked filter or low water pressure.

Error F02: Heating Timeout

This error means there is a problem with the heating circuitry inside your washing machine, this will usually be a complicated issue to fix and require a professional technicians assistance to repair. Defective components or faulty wiring are the most common causes and repairing these problems will require expert hands. If you’re lucky repairs could be very simple and quick but heating issues could be more complex, so call in a technician to assist you if you notice this error code.

Error F03: Draining Timeout

Error F03 means there is a problem with your washing machine when it tries to drain away water, now while this may sound serious it can sometimes be easy to fix. Often this problem will be caused by a blocked drain or filter system and removing a block can sometimes be relatively simple and straight-forward.

However, this error can be more complicated and difficult to fix as well, blocks can sometimes be difficult to remove. And a block isn’t the only issue that could be causing this problem it could also be because of a damaged pump, faulty sensor or programming error to name just a few of the other possibilities.

Error F04: Motor Fault

The name of this error really gives it all away doesn’t it? But motor faults come in many different forms but fixing this fault will require professional assistance, it could be a simple wiring issue, or the motor may be damaged or defective. There really is no way of knowing so it’s advisable to call in a professional to assist you, in more serious cases you will need to order a new motor, and have it installed.

Error F05: Uncontrolled Motor Start-Up

This error is again related to problems with the motor however it is slightly different, rather than being a problem with the motor its self it means there is a problem with one of the start-up components.

What does this mean exactly? It could mean a number of different things, but the most likely scenario is there being an issue with the carbon brushes on the motor. Replacing these might seem easy but it’s something only a professional technician should carry out.

Error F06: NTC/ Hot Water Intake

The title of this error might seem a little confusing so what does it mean exactly? It basically means there is a problem with the thermistor in the washing machine and as such it can’t detect the water temperature correctly. Thermistors will fail on occasion which means the most common way to fix this problem is to call in a professional to replace the faulty component for you.

Error 07: Faulty NTC

This error is very similar to the above it again relates to the thermistor, but it might not be as serious it could simply mean it’s not wired correctly. That is of course a best-case scenario it again be mush more complicated and mean you need to get a new thermistor installed. Because it the majority of cases this error code will be due to a wiring issue it’s advisable that you call in a professional to examine your washing machine to find out the outlying cause of the problem.

Error F08: Door Open Fault

This error is simultaneously one of the easiest and hardest to fix, thankfully it is usually the former that the majority of people will have to deal with. This error will display when you try to start a cycle while the door of the washing machine is still open, so simply closing the door should correct the issue.

However, if the door is closed and error is still being displayed then it means there is a problem with the door lock. Correcting this problem is much more difficult even if you know what the problem is attempting to fix the lock yourself will usually just cause more damage. So, if you do still see the error code call in a professional to assist you.

Error F09: Unexpected Heating Problems

While this might sound like a problem more associated with a tumble dryer it can also happen to washing machines as well, after all the water does need to be heated doesn’t it? So, what should you do if you see this error code flashing?

Ideally you would be best calling in a professional while in the majority of cases this will be an issue with the thermistor it isn’t the only component that could be causing the problem. So, you will need a professional to properly examine your machine.

Error F10: Communication Errors

Error number 10 is arguably the most serious error on the list and it will likely mean there is some deep internal issues with the washing machine. So, it would be advisable to call in a professional as soon as possible so they can more thoroughly examine your washing machine and workout the best approach to a solution.

Error F11: Overheating Problems

Overheating is a problem you will see with a wide range of different appliance and washing machines are no different. But when it comes to a washing machine the overheating does not always mean there is a problem with the thermistor it could be much more complicated than that.

So, if you see the F11 error code what should you do? Your best option would be call a professional technician to assist you because they will be able to carry out a more thorough examination of your washing machine and workout what the problem is.

Error F12: Short Circuit Faults

This error could have a number of causes and it can even occur due to an electricity outage, so in some cases it might be relatively easy to fix. Other possible causes include repeated error checks, motor faults and wiring issues. While this problem can work itself out if you can’t fix the error yourself it would be advisable to call in a professional to better assist you.

Error F13: Mains Voltage Error

This error means your mains voltage is too high, this means it is currently greater than 318V and is a sign of a greater electrical fault. It’s advisable to call in a professional to assist you with this problem because dealing with electrics is highly dangerous. While this could be a wiring issue in the majority of circumstances it will require much more thorough work so calling in a professional is encouraged.

Error 14: Mains Voltage Error 2

Similar to error F13 this is again a voltage error but rather than the voltage being too high it now instead means the voltage is too low. In Bosch washing machines this means the voltage is lower than 172V.

So, what should you do if you see this error code? Again, calling in a professional to assist you is highly advisable because dealing with electrics is dangerous and it will usually require an in-depth examination of your washing machine.

Error 15: Temperature Sensor Faults

Washing machine contain many sensors and one failing is often cause for concern, if your washing machine suffers a sensor failure then you’ll see this error code. Now while a replacement sensor installation may be easy in the hands of a professional technician the problem could easily be much more complicated.

The faults could easily be more widespread, and it could require further electrical work so this is certainly one error you will need a professional to assist you with. So, if you see error code 15 call in our team to help you.

Bosch Repair Help

So, that is a detailed look at all the error codes Bosch washing machine owners need to know about. They come in many different forms from electrical failures to overheating and much more, but while such errors are rare it’s important than you know what the outlining cause of the problems could be.

Sometimes these errors may be temporary and fix themselves, although it has to be said this should not be expected as it will often not be the case and your best option will be to call in a professional to assist you. We can help you there, our great services include a variety of appliance repairs services and we assist you with all kinds of washing machine error repairs.

So, if you own a Bosch washing machine and need help getting any errors fixed just give us a call today!

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