Help My Freezer Is Very Noisy

You might not know it, but your freezer does make a noise, now depending on your model of freezer it could be a very quiet sound that you only hear when you’re right in front of it. But one thing I can be sure of is that you will notice when your freezer is making a sound it shouldn’t.

Because freezers are generally very quiet appliances hearing a lot of noise suddenly can understandably worry you. But there is some good news because usually a loud noise won’t be the death knell it might first appear to be.

Freezer Is Very Noisy

It will usually be because of a faulty component that will likely need replacing, sure this isn’t good news, but it does mean that a qualified refrigeration repairman will usually be able to handle any repairs quickly and you can then get back to enjoying the peace and quiet of a normal freezer.

But what should you do if you notice your freezer suddenly starts making an annoyingly loud noise? Well, first of all, stay calm and try not to panic even if the noise sounds incredibly damaging, it will usually not be a big issue. Now speaking of issues let’s take a more in-depth look at what could actually be causing the noise in the first place, shall we?

When it comes to a freezer making an unexpected loud noise there is usually going to be one main component to blame the evaporator fan! The evaporator fan is an essential component in a freezer but also one that can suffer a lot of problems and will usually be the source of an unexpected loud noise. So, let’s take a closer look at the evaporator fan, shall we?

The Evaporator Fan Motor

When it comes to loud noises the evaporator fan should be your immediate suspect. The motor that powers the evaporator fan can wear out over time, lose lubrication, become unfixed or just generally develop electrical faults.

One of the good things (and I use the term loosely) about this problem is that the noise caused by a fan motor failure is easily recognisable. It will usually be a loud humming or buzzing sound and it will usually get worse over time if left unchecked.

The evaporator fan circulates cool air through the freezer so it’s a very important component and when it starts making this sound it means your motor will likely need replacing. If you’re lucky, then it might simply need fixing back into place, and while you can access the fan yourself it will usually be the best option to call in a Repair Aid professional to handle it for you.

The Evaporator Fan Blades

Yes, the motor isn’t the only thing you need to watch out for when it comes to the evaporator fan. The fan blades are another common cause of loud noises and the noise they could cause when damaged is noticeably different.

The noise is much louder for one thing and will usually be a very high buzzing or screeching sound, a damaged evaporator fan will usually still work (although not as well) for a time but it will be a problem that will only get worse over time. So, you will need to get the fan replaced because they are very fragile components repairing is not really an option.

And while you can get into the freezer to replace the fan yourself you should really call in a professional repairman/ technician to do it for you instead. It can be very easy to do more harm than good when you don’t know what you’re doing so be safe and call in a Repair Aid professional to handle the repairs for you.

The Ice Dispenser

If your freezer has an ice dispenser first of all lucky you I’ve always found them to be a pretty cool extra addition that you really don’t see enough. However, while it may be cool and indeed helpful to have on those hot summer days it can also cause a few issues.

A humming sound while your freezer makes ice is normal but if that noise persists long after the ice has been made then you have a problem on your hands. This noise means your dispenser is either not connected properly or it has developed a fault, this is understandably bad news but don’t panic a qualified Repair Aid technician will be able to fix the problem for you.

Whatever you do don’t play about with the dispenser yourself because it’s very easy to cause more damage when trying to fix it.

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