Help My Freezer Won’t Stop Running

A freezer is an appliance you’ll find in most households not to mention shops, restaurants, pubs and much more. In short, freezers are pretty much everywhere in one form or another but despite how common they are few people actually, know how they work.

Sure, people know they keep food cold, but few people realise how they actually work, one common misconception is that many people think freezers run all the time and they don’t! It might sound strange to think but a freezer shouldn’t run all the time because if it does it will actually build-up to much ice.

This can make your freezer to cold and will make opening it and then closing it a problem, it will also be sure to put more stress on the motor. So, if your freezer won’t stop running then you should call in a professional technician/ repairman to examine your freezer to find out what’s wrong.

Freezer Runs All The Time

You might be able to defrost it and temporarily solve the problem, but it will just come back, the only way to fix a freezer that won’t stop running is to deal with the problem at the source. And the majority of people won’t be able to fix this issue themselves, but Repair Aid can help – let’s take a look at what could be causing your freezer to run continuously.

The Door/ Lid Gasket

If your freezer is continuously running, then one of the most common causes is the freezer door or lid gasket (depending on your model of freezer). The door or gasket creates an air-tight seal and if it’s damaged in some way it will leak air and the freezer’s compressor will then run continuously to compensate. Warm humid air coming into your freezer will cause frost build up.

The good news is that this problem is usually easy to fix a repairman will simply repair the crack or in more serious cases install a new door. So, if your freezer is running all the time inspect the door carefully and keep a look out for cracks or damage.

The Electronic Display Board

The electronic display board does a number of important jobs inside a freezer it adjusts the internal temperature, monitors it, activates the fans motor and much more. So, as you can probably guess if it doesn’t work or gets damaged it can cause some serious issues.

A damaged or faulty electronic display board can cause a multitude of issues but one of the most common is the compressor and fan motors running continuously so effectively it prevents your freezer from shutting off. Fixing or replacing the electronic display board is really only a task that can be handled by a professional so don’t try and attempt it yourself – please call Repair Aid London for a free advice.

The Defrost Timer

If you have a frost-free freezer you are still not immune to this problem, I am afraid, but thankfully with this type of freezer, there is usually a very common cause. Namely the defrost timer, the defrost timer is what cycles a frost-free freezer’s heater so when it won’t work correctly you’ll likely start seeing a build-up of ice because your freezer won’t be able to activate the heater, so it will just be continuously running.

Thankfully this is again usually a simple issue to fix in the hands of professional repairman/ technician and you may be able to activate your defrost cycle manually in the meantime. However, not all frost-free freezers will have a manual setting and even if you do you should still call in a Repair Aid professional to fix or replace your defrost timer for you.

The Defrost Heater

Finally, we have another component that can affect frost-free freezers namely the defrost heater! The defrost heater is what actually makes frost-free freezers frost free because it will activate on a cycle and prevent a build-up of ice. Or at least that’s what it should do the defrost timer we looked at above is what activates the heater.

But if the defrost timer is working correctly but your machine is still running continuously then the problem may be with the defrost heater itself. While a problem with the defrost timer is more common sometimes the heaters in frost-free freezers can break down.

If your heater is damaged, defective or faulty then it’s important to get it repaired or replaced quickly otherwise you could end up dealing with a build-up of frost that can cause even more problems for you. So, like always your best option is to call in our Repair Aid professional repairman or technician they will be able to test the heater with a multi-meter and then carry out any repairs or replacements.

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