Help My Freezer Won’t Start

Picture this you go to your freezer to make your evening meal after a hard day only to go into your kitchen and see a puddle of water at the foot of the freezer. Then you notice that faint hum that signals everything is fine isn’t present, that’s bad news, isn’t it?

If you’re lucky this will be a problem, you’ll spot before your ice starts to defrost but to be honest the majority of people won’t be so fortunate. But while we can’t help you go back in time to fix the issue before it develops we can help you find the cause of the problem!

My Freezer Won’t Start

A freezer that won’t start is an annoying problem to face and not only because it could leave you with a mess and a lot of wasted food. Staring at your freezer trying to figure it out can leave even the calmest and sensible person mad with anger!

Trust me I’ve been there, with an appliance like a freezer problems especially electrical or internal ones are usually never easy to spot. So, the first thing you should do if faced with a freezer that won’t start is call in a professional repair technician.

A repairman or experienced technician will be able to get your freezer working again and if you’re lucky you might even be able to save your food and prevent a big mess and we can help you find out what the problem is, which will help ensure a quicker repair.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that can cause your freezer to simply not work!

The Control Board

At a glance, you can probably tell already what the control board does, can’t you? If your freezer won’t power on then the control board should be one of the first things you check the control board does many things in the freezer, for example, it controls the compressor, evaporator fan and much more.

Depending on the model of your freezer you may have one single control board or several, check your manual if you’re unsure. While the control board does many jobs the problem that can prevent your freezer from powering on will be because the compressor won’t start cooling the air.

Now you can check the control board yourself (although this depends on the model of your freezer) to see if there are any visual signs of damage. But even if there isn’t it could be an electrical fault, so you should call in a Repair Aid professional to handle any replacements or repairs for you.

The Start Capacitor

Your start capacitor is an essential component that powers the freezer’s compressor which in essence causes your freezer to start cooling. It’s also a common component that can cause your freezer to not power on. Unfortunately, with this problem, your freezer might still hum so you can easily not notice your fridge isn’t actually getting any power until it starts defrosting.

Now like with the control board you can check the start capacitor yourself, but it requires a lot experience because you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. So, you should instead call in a professional repairman or technician to check it for you. In many cases electrical tests will also need to be carried out to ensure the capacitor is working properly.

The Defrost Timer

The defrost timer is another essential component that can often cause your freezer to not power on when it develops a fault or gets damaged. The defrost timer is usually a very dependable component but it can fail which will often result in your freezer getting stuck in defrost mode.

It will also cause your freezer to stop cooling the air which can result in a number of problems as you may know. In some models of freezer, you may be able to turn on the defrost timer manually, although even if you can it’s still advisable that you call in a professional technician/ repairman to replace or fix it for you.

Technicians will also be able to carry out a live voltage test so even if the defrost timer looks fine it may still not be working correctly. So, it’s always advisable to call in an expert repairman to carry out any checks and tests for you.

So, that’s a look at the common causes for your freezer to simply not start. It’s a messy and annoying job but one that can be fixed in the majority of cases by a Repair Aid professional repairman/ technician. So, if you’re ever faced with a faulty freezer that won’t power on then make sure you give Repair Aid London a call.

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