Help My Fridge Is Leaking

It’s the go-to dilemma of sitcoms and soap operas, isn’t it? You’re having a fancy dinner only you realise mere hours before it’s due to start that your fridge is leaking, and the food is ruined! Yes, it’s very dramatic I know but as cliché, as it might seem it can happen.

Refrigerator is leaking

A leaking fridge, however, isn’t always the death knell it’s made out to be, in fact, if you’re lucky it could be repaired easily. However, these aren’t repairs you should try and handle on your own because a fridge is a very complicated appliance.

So, your best option will usually always be to call in a Repair Aid fridge technicain to handle repairs/ replacements for you. Trying to fix a faulty fridge on your own will likely just result in more damage being done.

If it’s only a small problem, then, by all means, feel free to give it a try but be mindful of what you’re doing and always call in a professional if you’re not sure. So, now you know how to safely approach the situation the question remains what could be causing the leak?

Common Issues

Plenty of appliances do a lot of work in your home but few can rival the fridge even when the door is closed your fridge is still hard at work and the gentle hum is a reassuring sound you can always count on. That is until it develops a leak!

But thankfully while it might look bad a leak doesn’t always mean there is a serious malfunction. But before you call in a repairman you should try and identify what the problem is and who knows you might even be able to fix it on your own, although remember my advice if you’re unsure call in an expert.

So, without further ado let’s see what the most common causes of a leaking fridge are.

The Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is a feature used on a wide number of appliances, in a fridge the valve connects your household water supply to the fridge. The position of the valve can vary from model to model but in the majority of fridges, it can be found at the back of the fridge.

The water inlet valve is an essential component, but it can be damaged in a number of ways, you should check for leaks and inspect it for damage if you’re lucky it might simply have come loose and need retightening. If it’s damaged or torn then you might need a new valve installing, the valves are very prone to cracking so it’s a common issue.

The Fuse

A leaking fridge can have a number of possible causes but before you start searching for defects or damaged components you should check out the fuse in the plug. You’ll usually notice if the fuse is defective because the internal light in your fridge will usually go off, but this might not always happen. So, if you’re experiencing a leak try changing the fuse it might just solve the problem for you.

The Fridge Door

Your fridge door is a common area for leaks to develop, the seals around the door can be made from a wide range of materials although they are commonly made from vinyl and have a magnetic strip in them which creates an airtight seal when it’s closed.

However, while these are designed to be surprisingly strong they are not immune to damage and if they are damaged enough for air to leak through they can cause an excess of moisture. This can cause a number of problems, but it will most commonly result in a leak.

If you spot a leak running down your fridge door then this will most commonly be the cause, so inspect your door seals carefully and see if they are damaged in any way. You should also make sure your regularly clean your door seals and gaskets as well as this will help ensure they keep their strength.

So, that’s a look at some of the common causes of a leaking fridge. It might seem like a leaking fridge is a serious issue and while it can be it doesn’t always mean your fridge is breaking down. Simple things like a damaged tube in your water valve can cause a leak and plenty of other small-scale problems as well.

So, while they can be very annoying to deal with and will usually be a bit messy they are usually fixable especially with the assistance of a professional engineer. So, if you experience a leak in your fridge just give one a call.

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