Five Ways To Decorate Your Fridge

Decorating your fridge might seem like a strange idea but when you think about the bold white or maybe grey rectangle of a fridge is the perfect blank canvas for decorating isn’t it? If you have an old fridge then decorating it can give it and your kitchen a whole new look!

But how do you go about decorating a fridge exactly? Well, you can’t really approach it in the same way you would a blank wall but there are quite a few ways you can get creative when it comes to decorating. So, without further ado let’s take a detailed look at five unique ways to decorate your kitchen fridge.


Fridge Door Wallpaper

Yeah wallpapering your fridge might be a little unusual but according to research from Repair Aid, it is actually one of the more common ways to liven up this essential kitchen appliance! However, before you start getting the wallpaper out and thinking about designs if you a renting talk to your landlord first.

If you are using temporary wallpaper (and you should be) then most landlords likely won’t have an issue. But checking first is always going to be the better option so ask before you start applying paper. Once you’ve got permission you can start thinking about how to best approach your design.

Shop around for different temporary wallpapers and see what would go best with your decor. You could mix a few different colours together to create a stylish pattern or simply use a single block of colour. There is no right or wrong way to do it and with temporary wallpaper, you can easily pull it off at a later date if you need to without damaging the fridge.


Polaroid decoration on fridge

Polaroids have a very unique and distinctive chic style to them, don’t they? They also now have that retro glamour charm to them as well don’t they? Put simply sticking a few polaroid photos to your fridge isn’t going to be much of a decoration, is it? No, you need to be a little more thorough and creative than that.

One of the best ways to decorate your fridge with polaroid’s is to create a board of photos and then place that on your fridge. You could thread them together or even use a notice board and then place it at the front of your fridge. Putting polaroid displays together can be a time-consuming process but they make a very unique and stylish way to decorate your fridge.


Fridge Magnets From Around the World

Magnets are a common fridge decoration but according to Repair Aid, they can do much more than just add a little colour to it. You need to be a little more creative when it comes to buying your magnets though. A good place to start is with colourful magnet panels you can use this to create a collage-like effect which can be a dynamic way to decorate your fridge.

You can also add other magnets on top of these to create a more unique decoration as well. One of the best things about magnets is that they come in such a wide variety of different shapes and colours and are easy to remove. So, if you are renting you won’t need to clear anything with your landlord and can even use the magnets at your next home.

Cork Board

Cork board is traditionally used on notice boards but you don’t need to just stick to a plain old square board when it comes to decorating your fridge with it. You can cut your own board into a variety of different shapes and use Velcro to safely attach it to your fridge. From there the board becomes the perfect canvas for decorating.

You can pin different things to the board easily like photographs or paint the board before applying it. Because you’re cutting the board you can also create distinctive shapes and use them as stylish decorative pieces in their own right. And because it’s attached by Velcro it won’t damage the fridge and is easy to remove. Cork board might take a little more work to get ready but it makes a great fridge decoration.

Contact Paper

Contact paper works in a similar manner to temporary wallpaper but it comes in different distinctive patterns and colours. It is similar to sticky-back plastic in many ways and is simple and easy to apply to your fridge.

You can also easily cut the paper to create different shapes as well. Plus removing it is simple and it won’t damage the fridge either. Contact paper is a great choice for people who want to decorate their fridge quickly with minimal prep-work. So, that is five very different ways to decorate your fridge and remember you can always mix and match each technique.

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Author: Repair Aid®

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