What Foods Should You Never Put In Your Fridge?

Ah, the fridge it’s probably many people’s favourite appliance ever, I mean where else are you supposed to store your chocolate? But it’s not just chocolate, is it? Your fridge can hold all kinds of foods and drinks and a fridge of any type even a mini fridge is a modern household essential.

Without a fridge there’s so much you can’t do and it really puts a ticking clock on your foods. One of the great things about a fridge is that it’s a very simple appliance, you plug it in and put food in and all you need to do is make sure the door is securely shut.

OK it’s not exactly that simple but from the outside, a fridge isn’t a very complicate appliance, is it? However, did you know that there are some foods that you should never put in your fridge? You might know a few but there are some foods that you might be surprised to learn shouldn’t be put in a fridge. Let’s take a look at what these foods are.


Would a coffee purist ever dream of putting their coffee in the fridge anyway? Well maybe because there’s a slight variation to this rule, if the coffee as already been prepared then you can if you like put it in the fridge although unless you’re having ice coffee there’s probably no need to.

coffee beans

But in any other form, you should never put coffee in the fridge, this is because coffee absorbs other smells so if you put fresh coffee beans in a fridge they aren’t going to keep their rich scent and flavour for long. Another reason to keep coffee out of the fridge is to ensure that it doesn’t start to become affected by the moisture which will de-saturate the coffee and zap the flavour.


Unlike coffee this is one that I’ am guessing many people have probably done before, it just makes sense to put tomatoes in your fridge, doesn’t it? But believe it or not, you shouldn’t if it’s only for a short duration you might be able to get away with it but the longer the tomatoes are in the fridge the more harm will come to them.

tomatoes in your fridge

The cold temperature of your fridge will affect tomatoes in a number of ways and it will dramatically affect the texture and taste. So, if you like tomatoes in your salad or on top of your burgers make sure you keep them out of the fridge.



Yeah believe it or not potatoes should not be put in your fridge because it will have a big effect on the potatoes starch. The cold temperature of your fridge will break down the starch and leave you with very unpleasant tasting potatoes.


onions in the fridge

The fridge effects onions much like it affects tomatoes, the cold temperature of your fridge tends to make onions feel mushy, if your onion has been cut then the onion will also start to dry up more quickly. Onions also have a strong scent which is sure to spread to other foods in your fridge as well, especially foods that are more absorbent.


Garlic can add a kick to any dish and while it’s certainly an acquired taste many people do love it, but if you have garlic don’t keep it in your fridge. Garlic will go off very quickly in the fridge and the texture will get very rubbery.


However, one of the big problems with garlic is from the outside it doesn’t look very different so it might not look like the temperature is even affecting it. Even if the garlic starts to go mouldy due to the colder temperature you might not notice it so keeping your garlic out of the fridge altogether is for the best.


Herbs are another food that it’s easy to think will be safe in the fridge but unless you put them in an air-tight container you’re going to quickly regret putting your herbs in the fridge. Fresh herbs have a very powerful fragrance (that’s one of the main reasons people love them) but if you put your fresh herbs in your fridge they’ll quickly lose their aroma.

fresh herbs

Like coffee, fresh herbs absorb smells which means they could quickly lose their flavour and the cold temperature of your fridge also means your herbs will start to dry out more quickly. With some preparation you can put herbs in your fridge but if you want to ensure they always taste and smell as they should keep them out of the fridge.

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