Fridge Freezer Features

When you’re buying a fridge freezer you really need to consider a few things don’t you? There’s how much room you have, the space available in the fridge freezer itself and the features the fridge freezer actually offers.

What’s that you say? Fridge freezers actually offer new and exciting features? You might not know it but fridge freezers actually offer a lot of interesting and useful features, so when selecting a fridge freezer, you really need to keep an eye of the features it offers.

And to help you with that below we’ve outlined all the new and exciting features you need to be aware of. Remember you don’t need them all, finding a fridge freezer that even offers them all is going to be difficult so, just focus on the ones that seem the most useful to you. For more information, please check out our handy fridge freezer buyers guide too.

Climate Class

This one is a little odd because all fridge freezers offer some degree of climate class, the climate class is what designates the room temperature your fridge freezer can work in. You need to look for a fridge freezer with a class of SN, SN/ST or SN/T these are the most suitable to work within UK temperatures.

Adjustable Shelves

This one might seem like it would be a standard feature of any fridge but it isn’t, while many fridge freezers will have adjustable shelving inside not all models will so make sure you check for them. Adjustable shelves can help you make more room for when you need it and will allow you to better configure your fridge.

Glass Shelves

Staying focused on your shelves you also need to consider the material they are made of. Glass shelving is the best all round material because it’s easier to clean and unlike other materials like wire juices from things like meat won’t drip down onto other foods.

Salad Crisper

Again, this is another feature many people take for granted they either don’t really consider it important (but trust me you’ll miss it when it’s gone) or they just think every fridge will have one. While the majority likely will some models won’t and if you like your salads a salad crisper drawer is an essential feature.

Salad crispers also come in a range of different types, the best all round option for the majority of people is a two-drawer crisper. This will allow you to keep tender and bulkier vegetables separate to ensure none get damaged.

Control Panels

OK, this one is really going to be in more advanced models in the majority of cases but it’s a very useful feature and one that many people will find very helpful. A control panel will allow you to be easily set-up and alter the settings on your fridge freezer so if you’re looking for extra convenience this will be a great help.

Frost Free Freezers

If you see this feature listed on any fridge freezers you’re considering it will almost definitely be adding to the price. Yes, this is a premium feature but it’s also a very useful one, so in many cases, it can really be worth the extra cost. A frost-free freezer will stop a build-up of ice in your appliance which means you won’t have to deal with the very messy job of defrosting it.

Holiday Settings

Sometimes referred to as vacation mode in American made appliances this a valuable feature for people who will be leaving home a lot. By activating this mode, you can alter your fridge freezers setting so it will warm up slightly making the fridge freezer more cost-effective while you’re away. Remember though you shouldn’t have any fresh meats or vegetables in your fridge when you activate this setting.

A Fridge Fan

A fridge fan is a very useful feature that many people don’t know about it, the fan blows cool air around your fridge which helps it keep an even cool temperature. It might not be an essential feature but it can be very beneficial so it’s always a good idea to look out for it. Best of all this is a feature that won’t usually result in an added cost to your appliance.

Adjustable Door Racks

Adjustable door rocks are a very useful feature when it comes to fridge freezers and they work very similarly to adjustable shelves. With adjustable door racks, you can configure your fridge more easily and it will make holding bottles and jars a lot more simple.

Adjustable door racks are again a feature that many people take for granted, but they aren’t a standard fixture so make sure you check carefully to make sure they are included.

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