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Fridge-freezers have hardly ever been the height of interior decoration. Sure, some look fairly sleek and nice, but mostly they don’t add anything to the interior. Nor do they have that many features. They keep your products fresh or frozen – so what else do you need? In recent years, however, we’ve moved towards wanting more from our appliances – both their features and their aesthetics. Manufacturers have been responding to this trend and one notable effort on this front is LG’s InstaView.

But what makes it stand out? And what benefits can it offer to your daily routines? In this article, Repair Aid is going to talk through the top features that make the LG InstaView a tempting proposition for those seeking a new fridge-freezer.

You can see into your LG fridge without opening the door

The first feature to talk about has to be the name – InstaView. It’d be easy to think that LG is just capitalising on the popularity of Instagram, but there’s an interesting ‘picture-in-picture’ aesthetic that may inspire the name of the fridge. That’s because there is a ‘door-within-a-door’ aspect to the fridge portion of the fridge-freezer. Simply open up this mini-door and you’ll be able to see into your fridge through a glass panel. This allows you to check what’s in your fridge without opening it, without having to get cold and without decreasing the freshness of your goods.

The latter point may seem like a small benefit, but it’s actually not. After all, it’s said that the average family opens the door to the fridge approximately 32 times per day. This not only leads to fresh foods decaying faster, it also costs energy too. The new LG InstaView is said to reduce the loss of cold air by over 40%, and can cut energy consumption by over 30% over its 20-year life expectancy when compared to other fridge-freezers.

The glass window panel itself (known as the ColdSaver panel) is a neat look too. But what if you’re having a look at night? No problem. Simply tap on the glass window twice and the interior will automatically light up.

see into your LG fridge

Cold and calculating

Much like many of the more recent fridge-freezers from the big manufacturers, the InstaView is controllable via a smartphone app. It not only comes with a diagnosis troubleshooter if your fridge-freezer has a problem, but is packed with useful features that can be accessed when away from the unit. This allows you to check the status of your fridge, change the temperature to suit the ambient temperature, create ice in preparation for having guests and other features.

Defrosting? What’s that?

Technological advancements are slowly moving towards making defrosting a thing of the past. Thanks to a multi-airflow system, this unit filters vented cool air to stop the build-up of ice through temperature regulation. This ensures your freezer isn’t going to be half-packed with food and half-packed with ice; allowing you to use the full capacity of your freezer.

Plenty of storage

With all of that space now free of ice (all 600 litres of storage, that is), you’re going to have a lot of real estate to store away food and drink. This makes it perfect for those with larger families. Not only will you get loads of shelves and door balconies to store liquids, as well as the main compartment, there’s even a wine store that keeps wine at the ideal temperature. Additionally, you’ll find a storage box that’s well-suited to storing meat and cheese.

Instant ice

For those who looking to host regular parties, the InstaView is going to be great. That’s because it has a built-in ice dispenser that gives you instant chilled water, crushed ice and perfectly formed ice cubes. Some of the InstaView models don’t even need to be piped into a plumbing supply to do this either.

So there you have it – those are some of the LG InstaView’s top features. Models currently cost upwards of £1,500 and can be bought in a variety of styles – including side-by-side, 3-door, 4-door and French. If you’re interested in buying one, or another fridge-freezer, keep in mind that you’re going to need it to be installed by a professional. Thankfully, you needn’t look too far – as that’s exactly what we do at Repair Aid.

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