10 top tips for tumble dryer use

Top tips for tumble dryer function. Keeping your tumble dryer clean and maintained.

#1 Save energy

save energyTumble dryers are notorious for the amount of energy that they use. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are several things you can do to reduce the energy bill. Rather than continuously placing one or two items in the dryer, fill the dryer, but don’t overload it. By using the dryer at its optimal capacity, you will need to dry fewer loads thus saving energy use.

It is important to remember however that if you overfill the dryer, it will take much longer for the clothes to dry and the saving will become moot.

#2 Separate the clothes

separate the clothesIt seems obvious to say separate the clothes but there are several ways in which the clothes can be separated. Large items and small items should be separated. This means that your socks are unlikely to migrate into the depths of the duvet cover and underwear is unlikely to be swallowed up into larger items of clothing, only to be discovered days after it is needed.

Keep large items separate. It will also makes sorting multiple small items easier once they are dry.

#3 Don’t mix the items – match them

match itemsMix and match is not a phrase that works well with the tumble drying regime. Dry similar textiles together.  Synthetics that are tumble dryer friendly should not be dried with cotton. Apart from the fact that will dry at different rates, they will also affect other features, such as crease free programmes.

Keeping items of a similar fabric together will save you money because you will not have to introduce different fabrics into an additional dry cycle.

#4 Wet and dry

use the spin functionAlthough your tumble dryer is meant to dry your clothes, it is possible to put clothes in that are too wet. If your washing machine has a dry spin function, be sure to utilise it. It will save energy use with drying and will prevent damage to the dryer.

Additionally, the weight of sodden clothing can damage the tumble dryer drum and put unnecessary strain on the motor.

#5 Plan the loads

Wash similar clothes togetherWash similar clothes together so that they can be dried together. Consider the weight of the laundry and dry complete loads without overloading. Make sure the clothing is untangled. Loose free falling items will dry faster than items that are knotted together.

Five minutes taken to untangle laundry items will save you an additional twenty minutes in drying time.

#6 Check the settings

Check the settingsIt’s easy to simply shove in a load of laundry and press the start button. If you check the settings are for the correct time, load and fabric type, the rewards are obvious. Clothes won’t shrink or stretch, you won’t have to dry them for longer than necessary and if the clothes are free to move in the dryer, they will dry on time.

#7 Locating the dryer

considerationAppliance location is often a neglected consideration. In the same way that refrigeration appliances should not be located aside an oven that is on all day, tumble dryers should be carefully located too. A tumble dryer works far more efficiently if it is placed in a warm and dry location. This enhances functioning as it will not have to battle the environmental odds, while doing the job.

You will find that the dryer will enjoy a longer lifespan and performance will be much better.

#8 Clean the dryer regularly

spongeClean the dryer. Especially if it has a moisture sensor. Wiping the interior of the drum with some white vinegar will keep the drum clear and the sensor will operate at optimum level. Also clean the exterior of the machine, being sure to clean around the buttons and dials. These also have a long term positive effect on the dryers functioning.

#9 Regular maintenance

maintenanceFor dryers with a collecting drawer, ensure that the drawer is emptied after every cycle. Drawers that are not emptied will spill over causing damage to the machine and will at the very least reduce its effectiveness.

Lint filters collect fluff very quickly and should be cleared frequently. These filters should be checked at least after every other cycle and if you have cycles that run for long periods or heavy loads to dry, then check the filters after every use.

#10 Repair when necessary

repairIf you suddenly start hearing weird scraping noises or the dryer starts jumping at all sorts of angles, then its time to call a professional tumble dryer repair engineer. Don’t delay in repairs. A minor repair done in time may save you the cost of a new tumble dryer.

When a problem is addressed at the time it first appears chances are it’ll cost you some pocket money. Leave it until the machine breaks down completely or damages the contents, and the bill will be heftier.

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