LG Washing Machine Error Codes

Famous for their smiling face logo the LG brand is better known for smartphones and other appliances like televisions. However, this Korean manufacturer has also built up an impressive reputation for washing machines as well.

A washing machine might not have all features and impressive specs of a smartphone, but they can certainly do a lot more than just run clothes through a basic wash cycle. You’ll find a wide-range of different LG washing machines available to suit all kinds of budgets.

LG washing machine

But while they might make a great addition to your kitchen/ laundry room there is still the possibility of errors occurring. Washing machines are complicated devices after all aren’t they? When you really think about it there is a lot that could go wrong with a washing machine from blockages, to lock malfunctions, leaks and much more.

This news isn’t really anything new for anyone who uses a washing machine, which let’s be honest is the majority of us, isn’t it? Because we all know error codes can happen but LG like many other manufacturers have their own way of showing you what these errors are.

Like many other electronics manufacturers, LG has their very error code system which will light up on your washing machine’s control panel. However, LG has done this in a slightly different way because unlike other washing machine manufacturers they don’t use numbers to show what the errors are.

They use letters instead which in some cases makes telling what each error means somewhat easier. However, if you are used to the more commonly seen numbering system then getting used to these error codes could take a while. But don’t worry because we can help you there! Below we’ve outlined all the error codes LG washing machine owners need to know about.

What Should I Do If You See An Error Code?

If you see an error code don’t panic even in the worst-case scenarios you can usually get an error fixed, it might just take a little while longer than you would have first thought. So, if you see an error code refer to our list below to see exactly what the error means.

Once you know what each error means you might be tempted to try and fix the problem yourself. Surprisingly for a number of more simple errors, this might actually be possible, however just because you might be able to fix an error code doesn’t mean you always should.

While attempting to repair something you can easily make the issue much worse or cause more long-lasting, serious damage. Washing machines are complicated appliances after all so do you really want to risk further damaging your machine?

You also need to remember that error codes are diagnostic tools they might tell you what the problem is but they won’t tell you what is causing it. So, actually knowing what the error is might not be very helpful. This is because it will usually take experienced hands to work out exactly what is causing the error in the first place.

So, to answer the question posed above if you do see an error code then in the majority of circumstances I would always recommend calling in a Repair Aid technician to assist you. There are a few exceptions to this rule but in general calling in an experienced, professional will always be the best option.

And if you are looking for a professional repairman you can rely on then look no further because we can help! Our experienced, highly-trained technicians can help you get any LG error code fixed in no time at all. So, if you’re struggling with an LG washing machine then just get in touch we work on the local level so can provide a quick and efficient, professional service.

The Error Codes You Need To Know About

There are 12 error codes you need to know about with an LG washing machine but before we look at each of them let’s talk about how you can clear/ reset an error code. To clear an error code on your washing machine you simply need to press the start/pause button on your washing machine’s control panel.

On LG washing machine’s if the error code isn’t shut off within a few minutes the machine will shut itself down automatically. When you turn the machine back on you will have to clear the error code first, there is one error code where the above rules don’t apply as well.

This is the more serious but thankfully rare PE error, to find out more information about this error see its section in our error code list below.

Error Code CL: Child Lock Fault

This error is pretty simple, and in some cases, it might not even be an error at all! The child lock exists for a reason after all but it’s also easier than you would think to accidentally activate it as well. That’s why you should keep a lookout for the CL code on your control panel, if the lock is engaged you won’t be able to run any washes or operate your washing machine.

Error Code OE: Drainage Fault Error

If your washing machine won’t drain away water after a wash cycle, then you’re going to be in a very difficult spot, aren’t you? It’s highly advisable to call in a professional technician right away to avoid making a mess or accidentally causing more damage to your washing machine.

A drainage error like this could be caused by a wide number of different issues but the most common and thankfully easiest to fix is a blocked hose or filter. If there are no blockages, then the hose might simply be kinked or damaged while these are the most common causes drainage problems could also be caused by more serious electric faults or connectivity issues.

Error Code IE: Water Fill Error

If your washing machine won’t fill with water, you aren’t going to get much washing done, are you? This error code can also be triggered if your washing machine is taking too long to fill up as well, but the question remains what could be causing the problem?

Usually, this kind of error will be caused by a water valve problem, but it can also be a connectivity issue with the main PCB control board. Fixing this error will require professional assistance because even if the solution is simple you will need a professional to properly inspect and diagnosis the problem.

Error Code dE: Door Lock Error

This error can be one of the easiest to solve and in some cases, you can easily fix it yourself in just a few seconds! However, on the other hand, not all cases of this error are so simple to solve and in those cases, you will have no option but to call in a professional.

This error as you can probably guess is to do with the door lock, if your washing machine’s door isn’t properly closed then you’ll see this error code flashing. Sometimes a simple bit of debris could be jamming the door and stopping it from closing the whole way and that is simple enough to fix.

But in more serious cases the door could be very badly damaged, and you’ll need a whole new door lock installing.

Error Code UE: Imbalance Load Detected

This error is due to an unbalanced load in your drum this can be relatively easy to fix. In some case, all you will need to do is readjust the washing in the machine for better balance although if that doesn’t solve the problem then there could be a more serious issue causing the imbalance. If that is the case calling in a professional to assist you is highly recommended.

Error Code SE/ LE: Motor Fault Error

These are two of the more serious error codes you might see, and they will usually always need professional assistance to fix. A motor error will usually be a connectivity issue so call in a professional technician to aid you as soon as possible if you spot either of these error codes.

Error Code CE: Current/ Circuit Error

With the help of a professional technician, this issue can be simple and easy to solve in the majority of cases. Yes, the term current or circuitry doesn’t sound overly great does it? But with a professional assisting you this can be an easy issue to solve. However, this problem might not even be connected to your washing machine. Issues with your home electrics can also cause this error to appear as well.

Error Code Fe: Overfill Detected

This error code can be triggered in a number of ways sometimes simply using too much water and detergent can cause an overfill. So, one of the best ways to avoid this issue is to just be careful but it can also be caused by damaged sensors and connectivity issues. No matter the cause you should call in a professional technician to assist you as soon as possible as dealing with this error yourself is not recommended.

Error Code tE: Water Heating Error

A water heating error is one of the more complex errors you can experience and not something you should attempt to fix on your own. It’s also an error with a multitude of different causes it could be a problem with the thermistor, a connectivity issue, a problem with the heating elements and that’s just a few of the possibilities.

Depending on what exactly the cause is fixing it could be relatively quick and simple in the hands of a professional or a much longer job that requires replacement parts.

Error Code PE: Water Sensor Error

This error code is one of the more serious errors and like we previously mentioned can’t be reset in the same way. It means there is a problem with the sensors inside your washing machine and it will require professional assistance to fix, in the majority of cases, new sensors will need to be installed as well. But if you are lucky it could also be caused by a wiring issue that a technician will be able to repair more quickly.

Error Code PF: Power Failure Error

This error might sound very serious, but it is thankfully one of the easiest errors to solve in the majority of circumstances when you call in a professional to assist you. It has many possible causes included electric outages and connectivity issues.

It can also be caused by radio interference or a loose connection, LG also advises keeping your washing machine plugged directly into the mains rather than using an extension cord to avoid accidentally causing this error.

So, that’s a look at all the error codes you need know about if you own an LG washing machine. Remember whatever the error is we can help, so if you are experiencing trouble with your LG washing machine just give us a call.

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