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At Repair Aid, we are always searching for the best ways to better serve our customers. One guaranteed way to ensure we always do the best job possible is to make sure our repairmen and technicians can tackle any job no matter the appliance.

We know that know two appliances are the same, they might look similar and do the same thing, but they aren’t the same. That’s why we ensure our repairmen receive only the best training and have the experience and skills needed to carry out high-quality, long-lasting repairs no matter the product or manufacturer.

One such manufacturer we can assist you with is Amica. With a wide range of products under this Polish brand, your whole home can easily be kitted out with Amica appliances from fridges and freezers to ovens and much more. So, if you have an Amica product that isn’t working as it should just give us a call.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

Amica has a whole host of household appliances under their brand name which means you’re going to need a repairman or technician who can help with all kinds of appliances. Many appliance repair businesses only focus on one or two specific types of products like television repairmen for example.

But at Repair Aid, we can help with all kinds of home appliance repairs, from fridges to freezers and everything else you can think off! This means that Repair Aid can provide a comprehensive service for all kinds of household appliances. We also work locally so can provide both next day and same-day appointment services.

The Repair Aid team is made up of experienced, hard-working, and highly trained professionals and we have a reputation for high-quality in all areas of our work. So, if you need any household appliances repaired just get in touch with us as soon as possible.

About Amica

Amica was established in 1945 and produced its first gas cooker in 1957 and now it as a wide-range of different appliances under its name. Some of these have been manufactured for a long time while others are relatively new.

For example, Amica only started manufacturing washing machines in the year 2000. Amica products are sold all around the world but they are particularly popular in the UK especially their kitchen appliances like cookers, washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, and ovens to name just a few.

Common Amica Faults

With such a wide range of different appliances under the Amica name, you can probably guess that there is a lot of potential faults that could affect these machines. Washing machines, for example, can suffer from error code faults that aren’t always easy to fix while other appliances could be affected by problems like overheating or electrical issues.

What makes appliance repairs so difficult is that so many things can go wrong and prevent the appliance from working as it should. Which is why you should call the Repair Aid team as soon as possible because we can help with repairs of any kind.

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