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Picture this you’re in the middle of cooking a fancy dinner or a large batch of washing is being done and then all of a sudden, your appliance whether it be a cooker or washing machine just shuts down! It’s something we all fear and it’s much more common than you might think but what should you do?

Many people will just call it a day and go and buy a new appliance, but this is costly and difficult, especially because you will usually need to pay to get rid of an older appliance as well. But that’s where we can help!

At Repair Aid, we offer a high-quality, professional repair service that will get your old appliance working again. This will save you time and money and thanks to our team’s experience and training we are confident we can carry out the vast majority of repairs onsite!

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

There is a number of reasons to call Repair Aid! We work tirelessly around the clock and because we are locally based we can promise a fast response. We know people can’t be left waiting for too long without a working appliance like a washing machine or fridge which is why we are proud to offer both same and next day appointment services.

At Repair Aid we can also guarantee our repairs will be long-lasting and our technicians and repairmen receive regular training to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest developments.

You can rely on the Repair Aid team for any kind of appliance repair and thanks to our specialist training we can assist with all kinds of manufacturer’s products. So, if you have an Atag appliance in your home that’s in need of repairs just give the Repair Aid team a call.

About Atag

Atag is a Dutch company famous for its kitchen appliances and you’ll find a wide assortment of them available. They also make more complex appliances like boilers as well, while they might be one of the more lesser known appliance manufacturers they have carved out quite a niche for themselves and are relatively popular in the UK.

So, it’s not unusual to see kitchens kitted out in an assortment of Atag appliances so when one breaks down you’ll need to call upon the services of a professional repairman! So, if you’re a fan of this Dutch manufacturer and need repairs just give us a call.

Common Atag Faults

Because they have a wide assortment of different appliances under their brand Atag appliances can have a wide range of different faults. Things like fridges and freezers can fall victim to issues like leaks while washing machines and dryers can get blocked or suffer drainage problems.

Appliances like this can suffer a range of common technical faults and dealing with them isn’t always easy so calling in a professional repairmen/ technician from Repair Aid will be one of the easiest ways to get your appliance working again.

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5 Simple Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us

  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
  2. 2 Local, highly qualified engineers
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