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Baumatic appliances

Baumatic is very popular in the UK and despite being a relatively new manufacturer, when compared to other big brands they have managed to maintain their popularity for a long time. Their kitchen appliances come in many forms from laundry appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers to ovens, dishwashers and much more.

At Repair Aid, we ensure that all our repairmen/ technicians receive regular, high-quality training so we can say with complete confidence that they can carry out a long-lasting repair no matter the appliance. Repair Aid is your local professional repair company that will give you a better and cheaper alternative when an appliance breaks down.

Why should you buy a new appliance when we can fix it for you instead? So, if you have a Baumatic appliance of that isn’t working right call in the Repair Aid team today for professional assistance.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

When it comes to choosing an appliance repair service you likely have a lot of options, but none offer all the benefits of Repair Aid. We offer a fast, efficient service that includes both next-day and same-day appointments.

Our repairmen/ technicians also receive regular training to ensure we are always up to date with the latest repair techniques and procedures. And because we carry all our equipment and spare parts with us the vast majority of repairs can be carried out onsite. You even get a guarantee with every repair!

About Baumatic

Despite its popularity in the UK Baumatic is one of the newest appliance manufactures in operation today. It was established in the UK in just 1992 but quickly grew to be one of the leading appliance brands in the country. So, as you can probably guess there is a lot of Baumatic appliances in UK homes with their ovens, in particular, being a relatively common fixture.

Baumatic now operates in more than 50 countries all across the world and was acquired by the Italian Candy manufacturing company in 2013. Because it was founded in the UK there is a lot of local love for the Baumatic brand which is almost entirely focused on kitchen appliances.

Cookers, washing machines, ovens, dryers, dishwashers and more all come under the Baumatic names and they certainly have a flair for design as well. Being one of the more popular brands in the UK means appliance repair services for Baumatic products will always be in high-demand. So, if you need help getting an appliance repaired we can help.

Common Baumatic Faults

Baumatic kitchen appliances include washing machines, dryers, ovens and much more. They might have a reputation for high-quality, but they can still suffer faults and malfunctions some models of Baumatic ovens, for example, had an issue with their igniter, which meant they wouldn’t warm up properly.

Whatever the appliance is our repairmen and technicians will get to work quickly diagnosing the problem and then getting it fixed. So, call the Repair Aid team today!

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