Beko Fridge Freezer Repair

More fridge freezers are sold annually than standalone fridges or freezers. The reason for this makes perfect sense as they enable homeowners to conserve space whilst still enjoying the benefits of owning both appliances.

Beko fridge freezer faults can also be difficult to diagnose become some of the components used for refrigeration can be shared within combination appliances. There will be some tell tale signs that will indicate where the problem possibly lies.

Classic examples are of water leakage, moisture build up, either the fridge or the freezer or both not maintain the temperature or the appliance shutting down altogether.

Error codes

Depending on the age and model of your Beko fridge freezer, it is possible that you will be able to provide an error code when calling to enquire about a repair. This information goes a long way in helping our engineers and technicians establish which parts may be required and avoid situations where the engineer may have to leave to resource additional parts to complete the job.

Classic symptoms of failure

One of the classic symptoms of a problem is ice build up at the back of the fridge and condensation inside your Beko fridge. Sometimes you won’t open your freezer for several days only to discover that the temperature is either way too cold or everything is at some stage of defrosting.

Things to remember

After moving your Beko fridge freezer, particularly if you have moved to a new house, allow the appliance to stand for a while allowing it to settle before turning it back on. Your Beko appliance manual will have more details about the time periods to leave your appliance to settle, but when in doubt and if your manual is not to hand, allow the appliance to stand for 24 hours. If you know that the appliance has been placed on its side for than just a few minutes then it would be prudent to implement the 24 hour rule of thumb anyway.

While your Beko fridge freezer may appear to be a big bulky piece of machinery, it will contain parts that are sensitive to rough treatment. As appliances become more technologically relevant they will contain parts that are designed to be electronically sensitive.

These parts can develop faults as easily as pipe that diverts the runoff from defrosting or a bulb that goes in the inside light. Always check the user manual for troubleshooting, and if you are unable to resolve your difficulty then making a note of the appliance details call Repair Aid for a speedy fridge freezer repair.

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