Beko Fridge Repairs

Fridges are notorious for being difficult to diagnose the problem, unless of course it’s plain and simply a temperature issue. After following the same steps that you would using the troubleshooting guide, as you would with your Beko fridge, you may find yourself tearing your hair out.

Sometimes you have to think out of the box when a problem becomes apparent. On some occasions the problem doesn’t actually emanate from your Beko appliance. There could be problems with the plug – always check the fuse. There could also be problems with the plug socket. Sockets in a kitchen are exposed to a lot of different elements. Steam, heat, cold, moisture to name but a few. Use the manufacturers troubleshooting guide and then if you have no joy, please contact your local fridge repair technician. Here at Repair Aid we are qualified to repair all Beko appliances, both old and current models.

Typical faults in fridges

The presence of ice where it shouldn’t be e.g. against the side of the fridge or along the bottom is a sign that there is a problem. Furthermore, if the fridge has a small ice box and this fails to freeze the contents, even if the rest of the fridge appears to be working normally, there is likely to be a developing problem. Fridge thermostats work very hard 24/7 and one of the first suspects when a fault presents itself.

Modern Beko fridges also use gas and can run out of gas eventually too. The gas used as the refrigerant is ozone friendly and it is now becoming a rare occurrence to find a fridge that still uses the old Freon gas. If there is an unusual problem such as leaking gas, then the technician will be able to identify this.

Mechanical faults in fridges

There are of course other mechanical problems that can potentially go wrong. The water dispenser can become faulty or leak. The seal on the door can also be the culprit for temperature problems rather than the thermostat.

As fridges become more technologically advanced they have more electronic components that could become faulty. Here at Repair Aid our technicians have been specifically trained to diagnose and repair faults in Beko fridges and are familiar with all models, whether they are several years old or were sold yesterday.

When contacting Repair Aid, please remember to mention the model and the nature of the fault.

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