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Belling kitchen appliances

Belling offers a wide range of kitchen and home appliances, this includes an array of cookers and ovens. You’ll also find washing machines, tumble dryers and much more but whatever the appliance if breaks down you can be sure of a difficult time.

It’s easy to take an appliance for granted, isn’t it? They can sometimes go years without breaking down or suffering even a minor error and then one day it’s like they simply shut down. That’s why an appliance repair service is so valuable, with Repair Aid we get the vast majority of appliance repairs done onsite and it will be sure to save your time and money.

You don’t need to a replace an appliance if it breaks down or suffers from an error, it’s cheaper and in many cases quicker to call us in to repair it for you. So, if you have a Belling appliance that’s not working quite right give our team call.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

Why you should use Repair Aid for any Belling appliance repair can really be summed up in just a few words! We are fast, experienced and professional, that’s the tri-factor anyone looking for a high-quality repair service wants to hear.

Our repairmen/ technicians receive regular training to ensure they know all about modern advancements and repair procedures and best of all they also receive specialist training based on each manufacturer. Every manufacturer is different after all, no matter how similar they might seem they all have important differences.

Belling is no different so if you want a repairmen/ technician who really knows their way around an appliance then the Repair Aid team is who you should call. Best of all we offer same day and next-day appointments as well, so we can get to you quickly.

About Belling

Belling was bought out in 1992 and merged with the Irish business GlenDimplex. Belling isn’t the only cooking appliance brand under their business, but it is one of the most popular particularly in the UK. Before the merger, Belling already had many decades of service in the UK.

You’ll see Belling appliances in many households from cookers to fridges and much more! Belling products are designed for a diverse range of people and you’ll find products to suit everyone’s individual needs. In 2011 Belling as also brought back all its manufacturing to the UK which caused a boom in its popularity.

Common Belling Faults

Belling appliances have an impressive reputation but no matter how talented any manufacturer is it’s quite simply impossible to build anything that is completely error or fault proof. Belling appliances can still suffer from the same general errors of other similar appliances like overheating, faulty wiring and of course accidental damage.

But whatever the problem is you can count on the Repair Aid team to act fast to not only diagnosis the problem but get it fixed. We are experts when it comes to Belling appliances and because we have seen plenty of them we know how best to fix them.

Contact Repair Aid

Call our customer service for advice or to book an engineer: 020 7183 6944

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5 simple reasons why our clients choose us

  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
  2. 2 Same and next day visits at no additional cost
  3. 3 No hidden costs, no call out charges, no parking fees
  4. 4 Local repair engineers available 6 days a week
  5. 5 Weekend appointments at no extra charge

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