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You might have already heard of Candy because this large manufacturer owns a number of other smaller brand names. Candy is often thought to be an American company by many people (perhaps it’s the name) but it’s actually Italian and although it’s very popular around the world it as a smaller consumer base in the UK.

You’ll still see Candy appliances around though, but choice might be a bit limited, their rarity in the UK makes arranging a repair much more difficult. Or at least it did before now thanks to our amazing repair services you have the peace of mind in knowing that you have local, experienced professionals to turn to if you need assistance.

At Repair Aid, we have a wealth of experience with all kinds of appliance repairs including Candy appliances. Whether it’s a washing machine, oven or fridge (to name just a few) we can help.

Why Choose Repair Aid?

At Repair Aid, we offer a professional service for excellent value! This means you will get your appliance repaired for the right price, many manufacturers can charge very high prices for just coming out to examine an appliance! But that’s not how we work at Repair Aid, there are no callout charges to worry about at all.

But that doesn’t mean we take things slowly! At Repair Aid, we will get to you quickly at a time that suits you this includes both same-day and next-day appointments. So, we work with your schedule because we know sometimes you just can’t wait in.

We can also repair the vast majority of appliance onsite and we carry a wide array of spare parts with us in our vans, so you’ll never be left waiting for an essential component.

About Candy

Candy was in many ways the child of the Fumagalli family, in fact, the idea for their first washing machine came about when one of the Fumagalli brothers sent some drawings of washing machines to his father and brother when he was a prisoner of war in America.

His father and brother had already started appliance operations, but the pictures gave them the idea to change their production to washing machines and the rest, as they say, is history. Candy might not be as popular in the UK today, but they were during the 1980’s. Plus, they are still a hugely influential manufacturer and unlike many similar companies, they are still family run.

Common Candy Faults

Candy is one of the biggest appliance brands around today and they have a wide array of different appliances under their name. While they are certainly impressive appliances in their own right that doesn’t make them immune to problems. Many Candy household appliances are very different but there is some pattern to the faults they can experience.

With Candy appliance some more common faults to be aware of include issues like wiring faults, motor issues, overheating and of course there’s always the possibility of accidental damage. No appliance is invincible after all, so if you need appliance repairs for anything Candy call the Repair Aid team today.

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