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Delonghi Appliance Repairs

Delonghi is a small appliance manufacturer that makes all kinds of electrical products like kettles, toasters, deep fryers, electric ovens, coffee makers and much more. When you think of a kitchen appliance these probably aren’t the first things that come to mind, are they? But while they might be smaller than a cooker or fridge they are just as important.

But what should you do if they break down? Well while replacing them is always an option it can be very expensive, so why not call in the Repair Aid team instead? At Repair Aid, we can help with getting any Delonghi appliance working again.

Whether it’s a toaster, coffee maker or electric oven we can help get it back in working order. Whatever the condition or damage at Repair Aid we can help, so if your own any Delonghi appliance that is need of repairs make an appointment today.

Why Choose Repair Aid?

At Repair Aid, we don’t just focus on the big kitchen appliances like cookers, fridges, and freezers. Or laundry appliances like washing machines and dishwashers we know that the modern home includes more than just that which is why we can help with the many smaller appliances Delonghi makes.

Whether it’s a luxury coffee maker or a basic toaster if it’s not working correctly then we can help! We will get to you quickly (both next-day and even same-day appointments are available) and because we carry a wide assortment of spare parts with us we will likely be able to carry out any repairs onsite at your home.

This means you can usually have your appliance back in working order on the same day! So, if you have a Delonghi appliance that could do with a professional’s touch, call us today. All repairs come with a guarantee, so you can be sure of long-lasting results.

About Delonghi

If you love coffee, then it’s highly likely that you already know the Delonghi name, this smaller appliance manufacturer is well known for their coffee makers. Founded in Italy in 1902 Delonghi is a veteran manufacturer and over time their product range has greatly expanded.

Their kitchen appliances are very popular especially their espresso machines and while their appliances have been available in the UK for a number of years now Delonghi is still expanding. For example, their products were made available in China in 2001. So, Delonghi is still growing today over 100 years later.

Common Delonghi Faults

Delonghi might make smaller kitchen appliances but in many ways, the common faults are the same as the ones you would find in larger appliances. Things like wiring issues and faulty switches aren’t just faults that affect larger household appliances after all.

Electrical issues are also an issue you need to keep an eye on as it’s much easier for a smaller appliance to short circuit. It really doesn’t matter if the appliance is towering fridge-freezer or a mini-coffee maker in many respects the common faults are the same and we can help get them fixed.

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