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Elica are experts when it comes to designer kitchens and their range of appliances includes hobs, oven hoods and more! Elica are certainly more luxurious and expensive than many other brands but that doesn’t mean they are immune to problems and when you have an appliance that is damaged or needs spare parts what are your options?

You won’t be able to safely repair them yourself and going to the manufacturer won’t always be possible and if you do it could end up being very expensive. Which is why calling in Repair Aid is always going to be the best option.

We work locally which means we can provide a fast and professional, high-quality repair service. So, if you own an Elica appliance that needs repairs in some way just get in touch with the Repair Aid team today for a high-quality and long-lasting appliance repairs.

Why Choose Repair Aid

Repair Aid is all about offering value for money but unlike some other services we don’t scrimp on anything! No matter the size of the repair job, whether it’s big or small you’ll get the same great service and our repair service is truly amazing.

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using Repair Aid in more detail, shall we? First of all, we are locally based repair specialists this means we can offer both next-day and same-day appointment services. You won’t be left waiting for an appliance repair with our team on the job.

Secondly, at Repair Aid, our repairmen are highly experienced professionals who receive regular annual training to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest industry developments. We also offer a guarantee with any repairs and we carry all the spare parts we could need with us.

About Elica

Elica was founded in Italy in only 1970 making it relatively young compared to some of its competitors. But it quickly made a name for its-self as a very high-quality kitchen appliance manufacturer.

Amongst its innovations are the lego hood oven and new kitchen layouts, Elica certainly has built an impressive reputation and they have worked with a number of industry leaders and top designers. They have also managed to greatly expand in recent years and set-up factories in Russia and Mexico. Elica might not have the instant brand recognition to UK audiences yet but they certainly have a vocal fan base.

Common Elica faults

Elica appliances are very high-end and will usually have an above average price tag to them, however as I am sure you know a higher price doesn’t mean your appliance will be immune to problems. Elica appliances might be very high-quality and built with quality materials but they can still suffer various faults.

Some faults to look out include heating issues with ovens that won’t set-up correctly and damaged or faulty components. Trying to carry out even what you believe to be simple and basic repairs is not recommended instead you should call in the professional Repair Aid team.

Contact Repair Aid

Call our customer service for advice or to book an engineer: 020 7183 6944

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  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
  2. 2 Local, highly qualified engineers
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  5. 5 Weekend appointments at no extra charge

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