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Neff might not have the instant name recognition of some other brands in the UK, but this manufacturer has been around for over a century now! They are a more high-end, luxury appliance manufacturer and have a great selection of home appliances under their name.

Home appliances are essential, aren’t they? Without them you really can’t do much of anything, can you? But when they don’t work properly what are your options? Finding a professional and experienced repairman can be tricky but the Repair Aid team are here to help.

We provide a wide-range of professional home appliance repair services that will be sure to get any home appliance working again and there are a number of other great benefits to using our repair services that you won’t find anywhere else. Just read on to find out more about how the Repair Aid team can help you!

Why Choose Repair Aid

So, why should you choose the Repair Aid team if you’re looking for professional home appliance repairs? Well because we are the best! And you don’t have to just take our word for it because we have a proven track record of happy customers.

We are also locally based which means we provide a very quick service, this includes same-day and next-day appointments. At Repair Aid, we know you won’t want to be left waiting without an essential home appliance, so we will get to you quickly.

We also offer a guarantee with every repair we do! And you can be sure any repair we carry out will be of the highest quality because our repairmen receive regular training in all aspects of home appliance repairs. Plus, we also carry a wide array of spare parts and components with us, so the majority of repairs will be completed onsite.

About Neff

If you don’t live in Germany or any neighbouring countries Neff might be an usual name to you. Founded in 1877 in Munich Neff is a very old manufacturer with a lot of rich history behind it. Neff was also the first manufacturer to bring microwave ovens and hob cookers to Europe and while it’s known for its kitchen appliances nowadays it didn’t start branching out till the 1970’s.

Neff appliances are available in the UK and are on average more expensive than other models due to their more luxurious design. Neff has a reputation for high-quality and it’s certainly well earned.

Common Neff faults

Neff kitchen appliances come in many forms and will usually have at least a moderate price tag, but they are usually very high-quality appliances. However, this as I’ am sure you know doesn’t mean they’ll be immune from faults and errors.

One type of appliance in particular that has had quite a few reported issues is Neff’s range of microwaves. Many people have reported faults with the microwave door not closing properly and switches that don’t work as they should. If you’re having issues with any kind of Neff appliance then the Repair Aid team can help! Read on to find out more about how we can help you.

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