Your Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Your Sub Zero Appliance Repair

We always think our home appliances are going to work, don’t we! From our washing machines to our cookers and everything else that we have around our home our appliances do so much for us don’t they? In fact, without them, there are just so many things we can’t do.

But while household appliances might look strong they are not immune to faults and errors. Certain household appliances are more at risk than others for sure, but they can all suffer faults and errors but if you have an appliance that isn’t working correctly we can help.

At Repair Aid, we provide professional home appliance repair services so instead of buying a new appliance we can repair your old one. This doesn’t just save you money but also time as well and Sub Zero appliances are just one of the many manufacturers we can help with.

Why Choose Repair Aid

At Repair Aid, we provide a valuable and fast repair service that anyone will find useful! Let’s look at the advantages of using Repair Aid in more detail, shall we? First of all, the Repair Aid team is locally based which means we can act fast and we offer both same-day and next-day appointments.

Secondly, at Repair Aid, all our staff have received high-quality training in all aspects of appliance repair and we ensure they receive regular annual training on top of that. So, we can keep up to date with all the latest industry developments.

We also offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out! So, you can be sure any appliance we repair will stay working long after we’ve left. And the majority of repairs we carry out can all be done onsite as well! We are fast, efficient and experienced in short we are everything you need in a professional appliance repair service.

About Sub Zero

With a name like Sub Zero, you can probably already guess what this American manufacturer’s main appliances are, can’t you? Fridges and freezers are the most common appliances with the Sub Zero logo on them, but they also have more niche appliances like wine coolers as well.

Founded in 1945 Sub Zero have made many important historic claims like being the first manufacturer to build built-in fridges. Their innovative techniques and ideas have made them particularly popular with wine collectors as they manufactured wine coolers that could be connected to home security systems, giving people extra-protection.

Common Sub Zero faults

Sub Zero appliances are known for being very high-quality but that doesn’t mean there are no common faults to worry about. A couple of faults that every Sub Zero appliance owner needs to be aware of is water leaks and issues with the interior compressors.

Problems with the compressors, in particular, can cause Sub Zero fridges and freezers to not work properly. There’s many other common faults and errors that can affect your appliances as well so knowing who to call in an emergency is always going to be beneficial, So, if you have a Sub Zero appliance that isn’t working correctly the Repair Aid team can help.

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  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
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