4 Common Reasons Your Washing Machine Makes Banging Noises

No matter how well you take care of your washing machine it’s highly likely that sooner or later you will hear a strange sound emanating from it during a wash cycle. This might sound bad and while it can sometimes be serious in the majority of cases the problem will usually be easy to fix.

Washing machine is making banging noises

It could be a problem you’ve accidentally caused, or it could be a more serious problem with the washing machine its-self. While unexpected noises are more likely to occur with older washing machine models it can happen to new models as well.

So, don’t think just because you have a brand new modern washing machine that you’ll never experience this issue. It’s such a common problem that you will almost always experience it once or twice during a washing machine’s operational life.

But don’t panic because we can help you solve the problem and get your washing machine back to smooth running. So, without further ado let’s take a look at what could be causing your washing machine to make a noise as it spins and see how you can fix it.

A Problem With The Washing Load

The first cause of a banging noise during a wash cycle that we’ll take a look at is also one of the easiest to fix and one of the most common causes. Washing machines come in many different sizes but it’s important that you stick to the weight limit.

It’s much easier than you might think to overload a washing machine, but it isn’t just overloading you need to watch out for either. You also need to make sure your washing is distributed evenly, big items like bedding, thick towels, and other larger garments should be placed in a washing machine carefully.

If clothes are unevenly distributed, then the inner tub of the washing machine will not spin correctly which is what is causing the banging. While this is a more common problem for top-loaded washing machines it can happen to all washing machines regardless of their make or model.

A Faulty or Warn Out Tub Bearing

You might not have heard of the tub bearing but it’s an important part of a washing machine and also one of the most common causes for your washing machine to suddenly start making loud banging noises. So, what does it do?

The tub bearing is under the washing machine’s tub and it’s what allows the tub to move and spin freely without any resistance. This bearing can wear out over time and when they do the banging noises will get louder and louder.

They can also get damaged although this a decidedly more uncommon scenario. Either way, if you suspect your tub bearing may be damaged or simply worn down due to age call in a washing machine repair technician to replace it for you. Consult your instruction manual for more information because you may be able to inspect the bearing yourself, although this will depend on your model of washing machine.

A Problem With The Drive Pulley

The drive pulley is a wheel like mechanism that rotates the inner tub of the washing machine, in short, it’s an important component in a washing machine but it can also run into a number of issues. The drive pulley is connected by a belt to the motor and over time this can become loose or the motor can lose power.

Both of these problems can cause a noisy spin cycle with a lot of banging but thankfully in the majority of cases, a professional technician should be able to fix it for you. While you can access the drive pulley on some models of washing machine it’s inadvisable for you to try a fix it yourself.

Problems With The Shock Absorber

The tub in a washing machine is held (and suspended inside a metal chamber) this might not sound like a good thing but it’s actually what allows the tub to move during a wash cycle. However, when the shock absorbers on the tub become detached it can cause problems for a washing machine.

Because the tub is now effectively in a different position it will usually bang while it spins, if left unrepaired this can quickly grow into a more serious problem. While once again checking and replacing the shock absorbers is something you may be able to do yourself (depending on the model of washing machine you have) it is advisable that you call in a professional to handle it for you.

So, that’s a look at the four most common causes for your washing machine to make a banging noise during a wash cycle. The problems range from the small scale to large but if you want to get your washing machine repaired and inspected efficiently then it’s always advisable that you call in the professional technicians at Repair Aid.

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