Help My Fridge Is Really Noisy

The hum of a working fridge is a surprisingly relaxing sound, isn’t it? It’s also a sign that everything is working correctly so that’s why being faced with a noisy fridge can be a real headache (no pun intended) it’s also very difficult in the majority of cases to work out where the noise is actually coming from.

My Fridge Is Really Noisy

The first step of dealing with a noisy fridge should but to try and locate where the noise is coming from. That sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But when you actually look at a fridge it might seem somewhat impossible to find what you’re looking for.

Fridges, whether they’re a freestanding model or part of a fridge-freezer combo unit, can be particularly difficult to examine without taking panels off or getting out your toolkit. And even if you do that finding the cause of the noise and getting to it can still be really difficult.

So, what I would recommend is that you don’t start trying to take your fridge apart no matter how tempting it might be. Because you could easily damage your machine or hurt yourself, if your fridge starts making too much noise you should instead call in the fridge technicians at Repair Aid.

They’ll be able to do the checks for you and dismantle your fridge safely, but the question remains what could be causing the noise? Well, I don’t like to leave any questions unanswered so let’s take a look at some of the most likely suspects, shall we?

The Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is an essential part of the fridge and while they might not be in every model of fridge they are usually a regular component of more modern fridges especially frost-free ones. A condenser fan as two main jobs in a fridge first it removes heat from the fridge and second it circulates air in the fridge’s drain pan to evaporate the defrost water.

If the condenser fan is damaged in some way then it could cause it to make a lot noise every time it spins. The fan could also be damaged or there could be an obstruction of some kind, while you can examine the fan yourself we would suggest calling in a professional fridge repair engineer to check it for you to be safe.

While a broken or faulty condenser fan can cause an annoying sound thankfully replacing them is usually pretty simple in the hands of a professional. If the fan is undamaged and there are no obstructions but the noise still persists then it could be an issue with the motor.

The Evaporator Fan

If your fridge is part of a fridge-freezer combo unit then there is another fan that could be the cause of a loud noise. Namely, the evaporator fan which circulates cool air around the freezer and if it’s blocked or broken then it could easily be the cause of a loud or annoying noise.

This might be difficult but if you put your ear to your fridge and then your freezer and the noise sounds louder from the freezer section then the evaporator fan is likely the cause of the problem. While these fans can get damaged the problem is more likely to be because of an obstruction.

In many cases, this will be because of ice that as built up, which could be the sign of a larger problem with the freezer unit. So, if you suspect a problem with your evaporator fan call in a professional fridge repair technician to take a look at it for you.  Like with the condenser fan if the fan itself seems in working order but you still hear a noise the issue could be with the fan’s motor.

The Drain Pan

While identifying where exactly the sound is coming from with a fridge isn’t easy, trust me I’ve been there and tried, it can be very beneficial when it comes to working out the problem. If the noise is louder at the bottom or base of your fridge then the drain pan will be the likely culprit.

This might sound serious but thankfully in the majority of cases all the noise will mean is that your drain pan isn’t fixed on tight enough. So, calling a professional repairman or technician to examine the drain pan and check it over for you will usually solve the issue and stop the noise.

So, that’s a look at the common causes of a noisy fridge, it might not be the most common problem but it can and does happen. And when it does you’ll need to act fast so remember to call in an experienced technician or repairman to handle the job.

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