Help My Fridge Is Too Warm

Few places can rival the coolness of a fridge and I’ am talking about literal coolness there not the other kind! But what happens if you suddenly notice your fridge becoming warm? First of all, yes this is a real problem and it can happen.

Fridge Is Too Warm

It’s not a very common issue though so most people are unlikely to experience it but if it ever does happen then you need to know what to do about it, don’t you? Now the first thing you need to do is check your temperature dial you could have accidentally knocked it while placing food in your fridge.

This isn’t going to suddenly turn your fridge hot, but it could cause a noticeable change in temperature to say it’s become warm is a bit of stretch but it could certainly feel warm when you compare it to its previous temperature.

So, before you do anything else just double-check the dial if that’s OK then we can start looking at some more advanced issues. Remember any complicated tasks or repairs should only be carried out by a professional fridge repair company as Repair Aid, so give them a call if you’re ever unsure of what to do or you simply want to be cautious.

The Air Damper, Baffle and Diffuser

That title was a bit of a mouth full wasn’t it? But these three devices all do the same thing, they balance the air flow from your fan and help maintain the right temperature in the fridge. The first thing you’ll need to do is locate the device on your fridge, it will usually be close to the fresh food compartment.

But if you’re having difficulty then check your instructions manual or simply call in a repairman instead. These devices can be damaged in a variety of ways, but the end result will usually be the same and as such not enough cool air will be in the fridge.

The connectivity could also be a problem so even if the device looks fine it could still be defective. The sealing leaking is a common issue for these devices as well because they are typically encased in plastic and Styrofoam.

The Sensor Bulb

The sensor or sensing bulb isn’t a feature you’ll see on every model of fridge, but it does appear in a lot of them. The sensing bulb is designed to detect changes in the temperature and will automatically adjust itself if it notices any changes in the fridge’s interior temperature.

This isn’t common, but these bulbs can get damaged and can simply die out over time, so if your fridge does feature a sensor bulb make sure you inspect it if your fridge starts warming up. If it’s damaged, then you’ll need to call in a professional to see if they can replace it for you.

The Door Seals

If your fridge is too warm, then the door is the most likely suspect and it’s not always easy to spot either. Fridges of any make and model are going to feature door seals but these can vary in quality wildly from machine to machine.

You should carefully inspect your fridge’s door seals to see if they are damaged in any way, look out for things like rips and cracks to the material. Or the seal could be coming unsecured and as such the door to your fridge won’t be closing properly. It might look like it is, but trust me it isn’t!

For problems like this, you’ll really have no other choice but to call in a professional, experienced repairman. They’ll be able to patch up any damage or in more extreme cases they might need to replace the door sealing entirely.

The Thermostat

Fridge thermostats are very strong and problems with them are pretty rare, but they aren’t invincible so make sure you keep an eye on yours. And remember they can also be defective so even if they are showing a reasonable temperature don’t take it at face value if your fridge still feels too warm to you.

So, that’s a look at some of the most common problems that can cause your fridge to suddenly become too hot! No one really thinks about this problem and I’ am guessing many people don’t even realise a fridge can become warm or hot in the first place.

But it can happen and when it does knowing what to do and how to fix the problem is pretty tricky but with our help and advice, you can get the problem sorted quickly and then get back to storing your foods.

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